by Laurie Knutson

Philanthropy is a part of the DRV experience, and on October 19th, we gathered to celebrate the generous spirit of donors Paul and Marley Ann Opsahl.  A financial gift from Paul and Marley Ann, along with their ideas for the type of sculptures they envisioned, resulted in two beautiful pieces being added to our DRV landscape.   

The first, Christ in the Wilderness, is a bronze sculpture by Bobbie Carlyle that has been placed in the meditation garden – just outside the chapel.  This bronze sculpture invokes intense emotion.  Fasting for 40 days and nights, being tempted by the master deceiver and overcoming it all for all of mankind.   

The second, a kinetic wind sculpture by Lyman Whitaker, is based on the stylized lily that is often associated with France.  Lilies represent purity, innocence, and rebirth, and are often associated with the Resurrection of Christ.  This metal patina piece is located outside the central courtyard across from Covell’s. 

Each brings something unique to the DRV campus that our residents, employees, families, and friends will enjoy for years to come!   

Paul and Marley Ann were joined by their children, Kim and Kevin, during the donor recognition event. Thank you, Paul and Marley Ann, for your generous gift!