About Dow Rummel Village in Sioux Falls, SD

Through Christian spirit and service, Dow Rummel
seeks to design and embrace a safe and caring social community
for active seniors pursuing their fullest potential

Our History

There are some who dare to dream dreams and make a difference. Among them were Jacob Rummel and Emilie Dow, both whom individually dared to envision the creation within the city of Sioux Falls of a new type of community, one that would serve the needs of those of advancing years. Both embodied their visions in their wills. Dow Rummel, established in 1963, was Sioux Falls first retirement home and is now the premier Life Plan community in the region.

A History of Firsts in Sioux Falls


Leadership Team


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Executive Director of Human Resources


Executive Director of
Health Care Services


Executive Director of
Support Services

Board of Trustees

Dow Rummel Village is a not-for-profit South Dakota corporation. The operation of Dow Rummel is entrusted to a policy and procedure Board of Trustees consisting of up to 16 members. The following individuals are the current members of the Board of Trustees:

  • Michael Bender
  • Dick Corcoran
  • Diane DeKoeyer
  • Jill Entenman
  • Mary Kay Fausch
  • Larry Fuller
  • Jeff Gordon
    Kendra Gottsleben
  • Jason Herrboldt
    Mike Jamison
  • Bill Lenker
  • Yvonne Mossberg
  • Tammy Noordermeer
  • Tom Roust
  • Fred Sprenger
  • Matt Van Heuvelen

As a precaution for COVID-19, Dow Rummel is currently enforcing limited visitation for the safety of our residents.  Learn More