My day always begins on a positive note seeing nursing staff hard at work caring for our residents. Breakfast is not quite over by the time I arrive at 7:45 am so I am able to go to the dining room and great them with a smiling face and joyful “Good Morning”. This is one of the many reasons I love working at Dow Rummel as we are all here to care for each other. The residents bring as much joy to our lives as we do to theirs. They are a wealth of knowledge and the stories they can tell are amazing.

As I sit at my desk, the day progresses and I perform many of my duties as a Director.  The most important of them is taking the time to visit with residents and staff to learn how their day is going and if they are having a good day. I learned early in my career to take the time to visit about things in life that mean something to everyone such as family and friends, past and present topics of interest.

Meal time is always a highlight of the resident’s lives as they are able to socialize while eating a home cooked meal. We have no arranged seating so they are able to sit where they want and with whom, maybe choosing a new table mate every meal. We have a monthly food meeting so residents are able to voice their opinion on the options and menus that are provided by the dietary manager.

Dow Rummel Village has so much to offer with a mission statement of fulfilling the promise of the best life for each resident as lived out in the actions each employee performs every day. I have worked in several facilities and feel that Dow Rummel lives up to its mission statement and I love coming to work every day.