Once all the boxes are unpacked and gone, we often hear from new residents in our independent living community at Dow Rummel, ‘I really wish I had moved here sooner’.

When we ask residents why, I hear a variety of answers:

  • Living at Dow Rummel has allowed me to make so many new friends. As we get older, friends often move away or pass on and we lose some of the meaningful relationships in our life. However, living at Dow Rummel, there are always people around to talk to, play cards with, have dinner with, or just enjoy an evening musical performance or educational opportunity.
  • Living at Dow Rummel is so much fun. Sometimes when the weather is bad, we just don’t want to go out. Living at Dow Rummel, there is a wide variety of activities and events offered weekly that can be enjoyed by never leaving the building – such as a Christmas or Valentine’s Day party, or the Mardis Gras festival which are fun and festive.
  • Living at Dow Rummel gives me the opportunity to learn and grow. Sometimes it’s hard to find ways to continue expanding our horizons and learn new topics. However, Dow Rummel presents residents with educational opportunities through video documentaries, professional speakers, or Bible study – all of which can be enjoyed in the benefit of community.
  • Living at Dow Rummel is so easy. I don’t have to make meals anymore. For older people, sometimes it’s hard to find the energy or desire to grocery shop or plan meals. However, at Dow Rummel, residents can walk down the hall in the morning and have continental breakfast and coffee with neighbors, or enjoy an evening meal with a wide variety of selections at Covell’s Restaurant and Deli.
  • Living at Dow Rummel makes me less lonely. After the loss of a spouse or close friends, elderly people can get very lonely living in a private home. However, Dow Rummel gives people an opportunity to live in community and support one another. Studies have shown residents living in community live longer, healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

Bottom line: Come before you have to so you can enjoy the independent living neighborhoods and the amenities Dow Rummel has to offer. Make connections. Establish a community. And, enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have priority access to all levels of care when you need it.