In the news last month, you may recall hearing about the Ever Given cargo ship that blocked the Suez Canal. While this drew international attention and created shipping delays across the world, I couldn’t help but think about Charlie. She is a Dow Rummel resident, with a once-in-a-lifetime experience on a similar cargo ship.

One of the perks of working at Dow Rummel getting to know the residents on a personal level. I met Charlie when she moved to our community in 2019, and she recently shared her history with cargo ships. Did you know you can travel as a passenger on cargo ships? Charlie had been on one previous cargo ship cruise before booking her second on the Contship Barcelona. This trip took Charlie around the world in 100 days – traveling East to West, starting and ending in Charleston, SC. Typically, the number of passengers varies from ship to ship, with the maximum of 14 passengers.  But on this trip – having never met – Charlie and Larry would be the only two passengers on this adventure.

Going on a trip with someone you have never met could make for an interesting 100-days. It’s safe to say not only did the two get along, but they ended up hitting it off! Larry, a retired CEO of a large corporation, journaled daily about the trip in his “Journal Of A Cruise Around The World”. Larry wrote about everything from the ships dimensions, travel routes, day-to-day life, and all the unique experiences along the way. Larry shared what it’s like to get off the ship and do some exploring, or on the other hand, what it is like to not have your feet touch mother Earth for 18 days. In one of the last journal entries Larry writes, ‘When is the last time you can say that you went on a date for 100 days around the world on a 536ft yacht?’.

Before parting ways, Larry asked Charlie, “If I bought another ticket would you go with me?” It wasn’t long and the two scheduled their next cargo ship cruise less than a year later.  With a smile Charlie shares, “And the rest is history”.  It was no doubt this trip was an unforgettable one. If you have any questions, want to hear more the cargo ship cruise process or her experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Charlie.

I guess you just never know what will happen on a cargo ship!

Comparison in size and capacity between the Contship Barcelona and the Ever Given ship:

Contship Barcelona – 536 ft. long and can hold 1,600 containers
Ever Given (one of the longest ships in history) – 1,312 ft. long and can hold 43,000 containers