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Coronavirus Notice

Vaccine Announcement

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Residents and Family Members: The fight against COVID-19 is not over. As our country is once again experiencing an increase in coronavirus cases, we must rally together to protect each other. After almost a 4 month decline in COVID-19 cases here in South Dakota, we are now seeing the numbers quickly moving up again after the highly contagious Delta variant has hit our area. This is now impacting us at Dow Rummel with both vaccinated and unvaccinated people which has been the case across the U.S. as well. This surge in cases also raises concerns about the coming Fall and Winter as we also...

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Coronavirus Notices

Procedure Updates for Independent Residents & Family

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As many of you have heard, CDC has put out some new guidelines to follow if you have received your vaccines. With 97% of our independent living residents having received their vaccines, the fact that we have been COVID free here at Dow Rummel for about a month and Minnehaha’s county positive rate has been under 10% for about 6 weeks, we feel the CDC’s new guidelines are appropriate for us to implement in our independent living areas here at Dow Rummel as we look at opening up more. These guidelines are for those who have been fully vaccinated. People are considered fully vaccinated 2...

Procedure Updates for Independent Residents & Family

A red background of the COVID virus with text that reads " COVID 19 Procedure Update "

95% of our independent living residents, currently here at Dow Rummel, have received one or both of their vaccines; with a few getting their second Feb 16. With that in mind and the fact that our county positivity rate continues to stay down under 10% and we have no positive active COVID cases here at Dow Rummel, we are going to begin some procedures for reopening our independent living areas. We will monitor the situation over the next couple weeks and continue to offer more reopening procedures if our county positive rate stays down and we don’t have any positive COVID cases in our...

What to Expect in this COVID Phase

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The availability of a vaccine for COVID-19 is truly exciting news, and feels like the light at the end of the tunnel for us. We have navigated 10 months of restricted procedures and regulations because of the pandemic. Change can’t happen quite quickly enough for all of us. There is still progress to be made, however, and life will not return to any degree of normalcy immediately. At Dow Rummel Village, we will remain vigilant in our work to keep residents, families and staff safe, and offer the following information as we move through this phase of the pandemic. What does getting the...

Procedure Updates for Independent Residents & Family

A red background of the COVID virus with text that reads " COVID 19 Procedure Update "

This is an update on the status of COVID cases at Dow Rummel. We currently have 1 staff in Village South assisted living/Dow & Runnel Wings and 1 staff in Village East memory care/assisted living who have recently tested positive for COVID-19. Our nursing staff are closely monitoring all the residents in those areas doing frequent health screenings and on-going testing as needed for staff and residents. We are COVID free in Village North IL, Village West IL, and in the health care center (nursing home). We are continuing to closely monitor the residents in the nursing home and will...

Delivery Policies

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Especially during this Christmas season, families and friends reach out to our residents with gifts and goodies. We do allow deliveries of packages for residents in all areas of our campus, and offer the following guidelines: All deliveries should be made at the Dow Rummel Main Entrance (1321 W. Dow Rummel St.). We ask that deliveries be made between 8am and 5pm.Place items on the table in the vestibule area, marked with the resident name. Once the deliverer has exited the entryway, our office staff will sanitize the items before bringing them into the building. Staff must retrieve the...