Current COVID-19 Status

In response to the onset of COVID-19 in Minnehaha County, since March 11, Dow Rummel has been restricting visitors, doing health screenings with anyone entering the building and requiring all those entering the building to wear masks. For the latest vaccine information please visit

Our Response to COVID-19

Date of Statement : 1-13-21 

What to Expect in this COVID Phase…

The availability of a vaccine for COVID-19 is truly exciting news, and feels like the light at the end of the tunnel for us.  We have navigated 10 months of restricted procedures and regulations because of the pandemic, so change can’t happen quite quickly enough for all of us.

There is still progress to be made, however, and life will not return to any degree of normalcy immediately. At Dow Rummel Village, we will remain vigilant in our work to keep residents, families and staff safe, and offer the following information as we move through this phase of the pandemic. 

What does getting the vaccine mean for residents?

This is an important step in the process of a return to a more normal life for all of us, but it is not yet the end of the road. 

The complete level of immunity from the vaccinations will take effect at least two weeks after you have received the second vaccine.  This will provide you a great level of protection, although not 100%, and statistically you will still have a 1 in 20 chance of contracting the virus as it continues to spread through the community.

Only when enough members of the community have also been vaccinated can we begin to consider that we are all safe from this virus; estimates for achieving this “herd immunity” level range from 70% to 80% of the overall population receiving both vaccinations. 

Although the vaccine offers a level of protection for yourself, it is still possible that you could be an asymptomatic carrier of the virus to others.  Until vaccinations are widespread throughout the general population, we will need to remain socially distanced to protect others from this virus. 

 What will change now that we have begun to receive vaccinations?

At this point, our guidelines will remain unchanged.  This includes our restrictions on visitors and guidelines for deliveries.  All restrictions will remain in place until the CDC or Department of Health give us more guidance on visitors within our community.

We will continue to wear masks, practice physical distancing and proper hand hygiene until the CDC or Department of Health tell us otherwise.  We still ask residents and visitors to wear masks within the Dow Rummel facility.

 Can I go to public places once I have received my vaccinations?

We will still ask residents to restrict their activities outside Dow Rummel until we hear from the CDC or Department of Health that they feel it is safe to do so. 

When can I see my family?

It’s tempting to think that we can resume family get-togethers as we receive vaccinations.  However, we need to remember that the vaccine will not be available to most members of the general public for some time, and we need to continue to practice our safety precautions until immunity levels throughout the community reach recommended levels. 

Until that happens, we will continue to make our visit booth available for scheduled visits with family and friends.

We will continue to keep residents, family members, staff and friends notified with updates and changes to our protocols.  We appreciate all the support and help from all of you as we have worked hard to keep our residents safe. 


We are asking EVERYONE to wear a mask to keep themselves and others safe!


Stay SAFE!  Stay WELL!  Stay HOPEFUL!

Date of Statement : 12-28-20 

Updates for Residents and Family members regarding procedures related to the Coronavirus 12/28/20

This is an update on the status of COVID cases at Dow Rummel.  We currently have 1 staff in Village South assisted living/Dow & Runnel Wings and 1 staff in Village East memory care/assisted living who have recently tested positive for COVID-19. Our nursing staff are closely monitoring all the residents in those areas doing frequent health screenings and on-going testing as needed for staff and residents.  We are COVID free in Village North IL, Village West IL, and in the health care center (nursing home).  We are continuing to closely monitor the residents in the nursing home and will continue our weekly testing of those residents and semi-weekly testing of staff who work with our nursing home residents. 

We are partnering with Avera Health on coronavirus vaccines.  Close to 100 staff received their first doze of the vaccine Dec 17-19 and will receive their second doze Jan 7-9.  Next Tuesday, January 5th Avera will be at Dow Rummel to provide the vaccine to all the residents in our licensed areas (nursing home, memory care and assisted living) who agree to receive it as they are in group 1B.  Staff who did not receive the vaccine in Dec will have another opportunity to do so next Tuesday as well.  We will provide the same opportunity to our independent living residents as soon as they are eligible; they are in group 1D.  We are providing ongoing education to staff, residents and family members about the vaccine to help them make the right decision about receiving the vaccine.

We have heard a number of people saying that as soon as they get their vaccine, they can stop wearing a mask and go back to normal.  However, we will need to continue to wear masks, practice our physical distancing and good hand hygiene for some time yet.  It will also be a while before we can lift our visitor restrictions.  Hopefully, we will continue to do a good job in Sioux Falls keeping the number of cases down (keep wearing your masks-it is making a difference) and as more people get the vaccine, we will be able to get the go ahead for CDC and the Department of Health to start loosening our restrictions. 

 I will keep you posted on any changes or new news but in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Please feel free to call me at 605-575-0177 if you have any questions or concerns.

LONG-TERM CARE RESIDENTS AND LOVED ONES: Answering Common Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines answering-residents-loved-ones-questions


We are asking EVERYONE to wear a mask to keep themselves and others safe!


Stay SAFE!  Stay WELL!  Stay HOPEFUL!

Date of Statement : 12-17-20 

Delivery Policies

Especially during this Christmas season, families and friends want to reach out to our residents with gifts and goodies. We do allow deliveries of packages for residents in all areas of our campus, and offer the following guidelines: 

  • All deliveries should be made at the Dow Rummel Main Entrance (1321 West Dow Rummel Street). We ask that deliveries be made between 8am and 5pm. 
  • Place items on the table in the vestibule area, marked with the resident name. Once the deliverer has exited the entryway, our office staff will sanitize the items before bringing them into the building. Staff must retrieve the items; we ask that the resident not go out to the entryway to do so themselves. We are not able to allow residents and friends or family to have direct contact to swap items in this process. Staff will not go into the entryway until the deliverer has left. This allows our staff to maintain proper distancing and remain safe from unnecessary community contact. 
  • We ask that deliveries be made by one family member at one time. We understand that families wish to see their resident family member, but our entryway is not large enough to accommodate groups.
  • If you are bringing a large delivery, please contact our front desk at 336-1490 to alert us in advance. We will notify the appropriate staff to assist in getting the large deliveries taken to the residents or resident areas as efficiently as possible. 
  • If a family member needs to ask a question or relay a message to a resident while making a delivery, we ask that this be done over the telephone. Our staff will not be able to facilitate conversations between the resident inside the facility and the family member in the entryway, take photos, or exchange items directly.
  • A resident may send an item back with a family member by bringing the item to our front office staff prior to the family member’s arrival. Our staff must place the outgoing item in the entryway before your family member arrives. 


Visits are only allowed via our indoor visit booth, located in our front office area. Visit times must be pre-arranged and are limited to 30 minutes; scheduled visits are subject to change, should any resident or resident area be placed under quarantine at any time. More information is available by calling our front office at 336-1490. 

Thanks to all of you who are working through this with us as we experience together an unprecedented event in our lifetime. With your help, we will get through it together and have plenty of stories to share when we can all gather again!

Date of Statement : 12-11-20 

Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

  • A safe and effective vaccine is a vital step toward ending the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The more people who get the vaccine, the closer we can get to “back to normal” and see reduced hospitalizations and deaths due to the virus. While masking and social distancing are important, a large number of people getting vaccinated is the only way this virus will get under control. 
  • The more people who get the vaccine, the more lives will be saved. 
  • Vaccines that have been approved for emergency use have undergone rigorous testing by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) to ensure safety and efficacy.
  • The FDA is respected worldwide and its decisions are made by expert scientists and physicians. Safety is their top priority.
  • Avera and state health experts have monitored the vaccine’s progress and the data from the clinical studies and are confident in its safety and effectiveness.
  • Data on the vaccines is very promising. Vaccines are showing effectiveness levels as high as 95%. Side effects are only mild and temporary, like headache, fatigue, mild fever and possible pain at the injection site.
  • Only a small percentage of people who get the vaccine will have these symptoms. Symptoms like theses are a result of the body’s immune response and show that your body is working to build immunity.
  • There have not been reports of serious side effects, although there is always a slight risk with any vaccine and there will be isolated reports of reactions as large numbers of people get vaccinated. Hearing these isolated reports is not a reason to avoid the vaccine.
  • The vaccine will only be administered to groups of people for whom the vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective. The vaccine has not been trialed in children yet so children will not be vaccinated yet. 
  • There is no reason to fear that this vaccine was rushed. The vaccines went through large trials, resulting in trusted data about their safety and efficacy. The part of the process that was ramped up was allowing companies to begin manufacturing vaccine ahead of approval. Usually, manufacturing waits until full approval is received.
  • Wearing masks, practicing social distancing, maintaining good hand hygiene and other prevention measures are still very important. 

View a video from Avera health professionals about the COVID Vaccine at:

Date of Statement : 11-19-20 

Updates for Family members regarding procedures related To the Coronavirus 11/19/2020

I would like to update you on the status of COVID here at Dow Rummel. We had a resident in Village North test positive last week but with no known exposure as that person had been on quarantine for about a week prior to testing positive. Also, we had a resident in Village West test positive yesterday. Again, there is no known exposure with any residents as that person has been in their apartment for the past week and not out and about at all. We also had a staff in the Allen Wing and a staff in Village East test positive this week and a staff with an outside agency test positive last Friday. All those with close contact to these residents and staff are currently in quarantine and being tested and monitored.

We will be doing Thanksgiving dinner for all the resident here at Dow Rummel. Independent living residents can make a reservation by visiting with Mary in Covell’s. I know it is important to be with family during the holidays but with about 4,500 active cases in Minnehaha County right now I want to encourage residents to have Thanksgiving dinner with their friends here at Dow Rummel and visit with their family by phone, video chat or using our indoor visiting booth. If they do decide to go out to be with family for Thanksgiving here are some things you need to take into account: wear a mask whenever you are not eating, keep the 6’ physical distance, no hugging or touching, keep the gathering to a small group, make sure everyone in the group has been staying safe for the last 14 days and has not been exposed to anyone with COVID, use good hand hygiene washing your hands frequently and keep from touching surfaces too much, and don’t “pass the dishes” family style like we usually do. If residents do decide to go spend time with family know that they will be required to quarantine for 14 days when they return. Also, residents/family should notify the front desk or their nurse’s station before they leave so we know who is out and also notify them when residents return so that we can help monitor their health condition when they return.

We are asking ALL residents to wear a mask when they come out of their apartment and keep on at all times when out on campus.

We also encourage family members to keep yourselves safe by wearing a mask whenever you leave your home.




Date of Statement : 11-02-20 

Updates for Family members regarding procedures related To the Coronavirus 11/02/2020

We set up our indoor visiting booth last month and have had a number of residents and their family or friends take advantage of this visiting space. We are already seeing some people doing weekly recurring visits which really gives some people something to look forward to. This visiting area is available every day of the week from 9 am to 6 pm. While we can only do 1 visit at a time, doing it 7 days a week allows us to accommodate a few more visits each week then we were doing with our 3 days a week outdoor visits. The indoor visiting booth will accommodate 2 residents and 2 visitors at a time. To begin with we will schedule 30-minute visits but over time, if we feel we can lengthen the visiting time we certainly will look at that. All visitors must come in through the front entrance at 1321 W Dow Rummel Street, use the hand sanitizer available and complete a health screening which will include one of our staff taking your temperature. All visitors must wear a mask at all times while in Dow Rummel including during the visit. Visitors should be at least 12 years old as children under 12 may not be able to answer the questions on the health screening and may not understand the importance of wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer. We will look at exceptions to this age restriction on a case by case basis. We ask that visitors not come more than 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment time as we don’t have space in our main entrance area for visitors to sit and still accommodate our residents waiting for transportation trips with adequate physical distancing. You can schedule a visit by calling our main number 336-1490. We will also help with virtual visits whenever we can!

With the number of active cases in Minnehaha County at over 3,400 and increasing, the exposure is very high for our staff. Therefore, with us doing over 225 tests per week with staff, we expect that we will see more asymptomatic positive cases than we have seen in the past. We are testing all staff who work in the health care center twice a week per CMS requirements. We received an antigen testing machine so we are doing most of the testing on site now. We are also doing random testing in our two assisted living buildings (including memory care) for staff and residents. We have had 3 residents test positive in these past 7+ months but no active cases for residents at this time. We currently have 3 active cases at Dow Rummel which are all staff. One is a staff person in Village South assisted living so we are doing testing for a few Village South residents and staff who had close contact with this person and are doing more frequent monitoring of all residents and staff in that area. The other two had no close contact with any residents the 48 hours prior to testing and one had close contact with one other staff person in that time frame. That close contact staff person is part of our ongoing semi-weekly testing and is continuing to be monitored with that testing process.

Several of you have asked what it will be like for us this holiday season. Given the number of active cases we have in Sioux Falls and across the state, I don’t anticipate any of us will have the kind of Thanksgiving or Christmas we have been used to in the past. I know it is very important for some of you to gather with family or friends and I don’t want to keep anyone from spending that time together. However, the process will have to be different than in the past. If you would like to spend this time with your loved one, I would encourage you to consider having them come stay with you for the day or a few days but develop a plan to keep safe (such as, have you been watching who you are around so you aren’t being exposed to someone who could be spreading the virus, will you all wear a mask when together, practice social distancing and good hand hygiene, etc.). Just know that any residents who do go spend time with family or friends over the holidays, will need to quarantine for 14 days when they return to Dow Rummel so that they aren’t exposing their neighbors to the virus should they have come in contact with someone who has it and doesn’t know it.

Please feel free to call me at (605) 575-0177 if you have any questions regarding this message.

We are asking ALL residents to wear a mask when they come out of their apartment and keep on at all times when moving about our campus except when eating or when in the pool. We also encourage family members to keep yourselves safe by wearing a mask whenever you leave your home.
Join us in supporting and promoting #MASKUPSODAK


Stay SAFE! Stay WELL! Stay POSITIVE and test NEGATIVE!

Date of Statement : 09-03-20 

Updates for Family members regarding procedures related To the Coronavirus 09/03/20

We want to inform you that we have completed the initial round of testing in the nursing home after having a staff person there test positive. The resident in the nursing home who tested positive after that is doing well. They never showed any signs/symptoms of the Coronavirus and has been released from the precautions that were in place as we monitored them closely. No other residents have tested positive or are currently showing any signs or symptoms. We are continuing to monitor all the residents in the nursing home with twice daily health screenings and vital checks and all the residents in assisted living and memory care with daily health screenings and vital checks.

We have had two additional staff test positive due to the ongoing testing we are doing. We have also had two other staff test positive from other testing done unrelated to our Dow Rummel testing. We immediately did our internal tracing, identifying and notify anyone who might have had close contact (within 6’ for 15 minutes or more) with those staff members. Additional weekly testing is being done for all of them.

CMS is now requiring additional testing for all staff associated with the nursing home which we will begin next Thursday. We will start with weekly testing but will likely move to twice a week testing very shortly based on our counties positivity rate. I know the amount of testing we are doing seems overwhelming but unfortunately these are new regulations that we must follow just like all the other regulations required of us as a licensed long-term care facility. The good news is that we are being told that vaccines could be available for our staff and residents as early as November. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

South Dakota and Minnehaha County continue to have a high number of positive cases. In fact, SD is the top hot spot in the nation this week. We have been told that with the amount of testing we are doing we should expect to have some positive cases with each round of testing. So, we know our numbers are likely to increase in the future. We will continue to keep you informed of our COVID status.

We are asking ALL residents to wear a mask when they come out of their apartment and keep on at all times when moving about our campus except when eating or when in the pool. We also encourage family members to keep yourselves safe by wearing a mask whenever you leave your home.

Stay SAFE! Stay WELL!

Date of Statement : 08-17-20 

Updates for Family members regarding procedures related To the Coronavirus 08/17/20

Resident safety is our top priority at Dow Rummel. We continue to take proactive steps to protect our residents and staff.

Minnehaha County has over 400 active cases right now with over 200 in the last 7 days. So, we are living in what is considered a hot spot right now. We are at almost twice the level of active cases that we were at a month ago. Therefore, with being in a hot spot and having a staff from the health care center test positive this past weekend, for the time being we are needing to reduce the number of outside people we are allowing to come in to our campus.

We have restricted access to the health care center/Allen Wing for anyone other than necessary staff until further notice and are limiting resident’s movement within the nursing home for the time being. We are increasing vitals/health screenings to twice a day for residents in the nursing home and twice a day health screening for staff in that area, as well. We have notified the Department of Health and waiting to hear if we need to do additional testing for residents and staff in the health care center.

We will be restricting the vendors coming in to do work to only those that are absolutely necessary. We are not allowing movers to come in to the licensed areas but will allow them in the independent living as needed for now. We will not be allowing family members to provide transportation or be escorts for any of the residents on campus for now either as we had a lot of family members coming to do that in the last week or so. The beauty salon in the Allen Wing will not be open but the beauty salons in Village East and Main Street will remain open. We will allow the bank to be open on Monday mornings. We will also still allow the podiatrist, massage therapist, chiropractor, Stanford Heath, etc. to come provide services for now for all residents except those in the health care center.

We are asking residents to not go into other areas of the campus but to stay within their buildings. For example, independent living residents should not go into the Allen Wing, Village South or Village East and residents in the Allen Wing, Village South or Village East should stay within their building. We are allowing residents who live here and have a spouse living in Village East or Village South to visit them but we are not currently allowing those visits in the Allen Wing.

Again, the changes we are making are to reduce the exposure/number of people coming in contact with the residents here, for the time being. We will continue to monitor the situation, both within our campus and in Minnehaha County, and make plans to do additional things when the time is appropriate.

We will continue to provide you with updates as they become available. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions. Please know that we are strictly adhering to all directions from our health officials and our top priority continues to be keeping our residents and staff safe and healthy.

Stay SAFE! Stay WELL!

Date of Statement : 08-06-20 

Updates for Family members regarding procedures related To the Coronavirus 08/06/20

We would like to thank you for your continued support during this difficult time. Through the coordinated efforts of many people the residents and staff at Dow Rummel continue to be free from COVID-19.

While I know many of you feel we have created a pretty safe environment within our walls at Dow Rummel, we are asking ALL residents to wear masks when they come out of their apartment/room here at Dow Rummel. The number of positive cases in Minnehaha County has been increasing and with a number of larger events like the Sioux Empire Fair, State Fair, Sturgis Rally, etc. we will likely see the number of cases continue to increase over the rest of the summer. We are actually very close to being considered a “hot spot” in Minnehaha County based on information we received from the Dept of Health today. With the need to have a few vendors come in to take care of maintaining our buildings and doing repair work that we have been holding off on, our exposure within our campus has increased a bit. This exposure rate will probably continue to rise when children are back in school this fall. We will be working with staff on the importance of being extra diligent with watching for signs and symptoms of the virus when school starts up. Again, this could also increase our exposure rate within Dow Rummel so having residents wear a mask when not in their apartment/room or when staff are with them becomes even more important.

We continue to work on ways to bring back amenities for the residents here while following the guidelines from the Department of Health for reopening. Starting Monday, August 10th Frist National Bank will be here each Monday from 8:30 to 11:00. Mid-September they will look at adding some additional time if needed.

We are now allowing residents to be picked up by a family member to take them to a medical appointment or come to Dow Rummel and be an escort with our transportation to a medical appointment like family members used to do, as long the family member and resident wear a mask at all times. We just ask that if you are providing the transportation you don’t make any stops along the way except for maybe picking up takeout food at a drive through window or picking up medications at a drive through window if needed.

Based on feedback from family members and staff we are adjusting our outdoor family visits as follows: Wednesdays from 1:15 to 4:45, Thursdays from 1:15 to 4:45 and Saturdays from 10:15 to 4:45. We are also working on ways for us to safety offer indoor family visits and will let you know when we have that in place.

We met with the independent living residents this week to get their views on additional things they would be like to see us do and are surveying the residents for their comfort levels with doing these things. Based on the feedback we receive for the surveys; we will look at ways to implement some of these things for the independent living residents if the majority of them are comfortable with them and if the number of cases in Minnehaha County goes down.

We will continue to evaluate our COVID status and will look at implementing additional changes if we stay COVID free and we see a decline in the number of cases in Minnehaha County. We will keep you informed as we carefully work our way through our reopening plans. Thanks for ALL your patience and understanding as we work to find ways to keep you connected with your loved ones while staying focused on everyone’s health and safety.

Stay SAFE! Stay WELL!

Date of Statement : 07-13-20 

Updates regarding procedures related To the Coronavirus 07/13/20

The beauticians have worked through the list of those who signed up through the front desk to get their hair done. Going forward you can call the Main Street Salon/Barber Shop directly to set up your hair appointments including weekly shampoo sets. The number is 575-0227. We are not offering manicures or pedicures yet since we are only allowing 2 beauticians/barbers in the Main Street Salon at one time. We want to make sure we can meet everyone’s’ hair care needs first. We welcomed Anne back last week. She joined Holly who has been managing getting everyone’s appointments set up and has brought two new beauticians to Dow Rummel. Seresa started a couple weeks ago and Nicole is starting this week. Nicole was the manager of the Man Salon prior to coming here so for any of the men who would like to have the experience of a barber shop, feel free to ask for Nicole when you call for an appointment. THANKS for your patience and understanding with all the challenges we have had with hair care during this pandemic.

We have had several people asking for clarification regarding the Post Exposure Testing Procedures that came out July 9th. This is meant for anyone who goes out and is exposed to other people (excluding medical appointments). This does not apply to those residents who still drive and go out in their car for a drive or take advantage of drive through or curbside pickup.

We are starting our third week of random sentinel testing as part of the Dept of Health guidelines. We select 2 staff and 1 resident from each of our licensed areas (health care center, Village East and Village South) for a total of 9 people tested each week. To date we have not had anyone test positive as part of the weekly testing.

We are also in our third week as the beginning of our reopening plans. The outdoor family visits are going well but as with any new process we have had to work through some issues especially with the online calendar everyone is using to set up their visits. We have also had several comments regarding the ability to hear well during the visits and are trying to come up with some ways to deal with that as well. Next week we will be looking at implementing several other changes as part of our reopening plans and will let you know what those are as we implement them.

Stay SAFE! Stay WELL!

Date of Statement : 06-24-20 

Updates for Family Members regarding procedures related To the Coronavirus 06/24/20

Guide for booking your visit online

Now that we are done with our mass testing, we will begin doing weekly random testing next week that will include all staff and all residents in our licensed areas. As always, we will be sure to let you know if we have any positive cases that come from this ongoing testing.

We have some long awaited news to share with you today. Now that our mass testing is done and we are set up to do random weekly testing, we can move into the first phase of the states reopening plan. This will include starting outdoor visits beginning this weekend. While we will still have to honor the 6’ physical distancing and wear a mask during the visits, it will be great to visit in person. These in-person visits will be in the East/Covell Avenue parking lot at 1121 N Covell Avenue with three different areas set up to be used. Shaded areas will be provided as much as possible. These visits will be from 10:15 to 5:30 Saturdays and Sundays and 1:15 to 5:30 on Wednesdays. We will have scheduled times set up during these hours for 30-minute visits. You can sign up by going to: or calling our front desk at 336-1490 between 9 AM and 5:30 PM to reserve a spot. Please be sure to reference the residents name in the booking when scheduling the appointment. We anticipate there will be a lot of family members and residents who want to do this in the beginning, so for the first few weeks we are asking that you only sign up for 1 visit per resident/family per week so that we can make sure each resident has an opportunity to take advantage of the in person visits. The 3 days and 3 visitor spots will allow us to do 78 visits a week. If we need to add more days, we will certainly try to do that. We will let you know once things slow down so that you can schedule more visits per week if you would like. Visits will be limited to no more than 5 outside family members. Per the guidelines from the Department of Health, these visits will be for family members 12 years of age and older and must stay in their designated visiting area. All visitors will be required to use hand sanitizer upon arrival, pass a health screening, and MUST wear a mask during the visit. We encourage you to bring a mask if you have one but we will have masks available as well. A staff member will be there to do the health screening and assist in getting you set up for your visit.

We are also starting church services again this Sunday in our chapel for the independent living residents and Village South assisted living residents. We will be doing two services on Sundays at 10:30 and 1:30 so that we can have smaller groups gathering with no more than 30 residents at each service. Everyone attending MUST wear a mask and should sign up to be guaranteed a spot to attend one of the services. The sign-up sheets can be found outside the chapel. We are working on other services for Village East and the Health Care Center that will be held in the Worthington Meditation Chapel or in their building.

Some additional great news is that a couple of the beauticians are back at Dow Rummel and providing hair care services for everyone. It will take them a couple weeks to get everyone taken care of but I am sure it will provide a pick me up for all the residents who have needed to have their hair done.

If you are a family member who typically would go with your loved one to doctor appointments, you can do so if you want to meet them at the medical facility. Our transportation will need to continue to provide transportation services for the residents. But you can meet them at the appointment by going through the health screening that is required before going in to the medical facility.

We will keep you informed as we work towards other changes we can make based on the states reopening plan. However, because we are in Minnehaha County our reopening plan will be slower than facilities in other counties with fewer COVID cases. While we have been doing good with the number of new cases per day here in our county, we have a ways to go to get to under 50 current active cases before we can go to the next phase of reopening.

Stay SAFE! Stay WELL!

Date of Statement : 06-19-20 

Updates regarding procedures related To the Coronavirus 06/19/20

Many of you have been asking about going to doctor or other medical appointments. It is fine for you to go to these appointments. Some of you have held off on these appointments for 2-3 months and we want to be sure you are getting any medical needs or routine visits done again. You can use our transportation or drive yourself. If a family member who doesn’t’ live here at Dow Rummel wants to be at the appointment with you that would be fine, as long as you use our transportation services and they just meet you at the appointment. Please feel free to reach out to Darla if you have any questions regarding your appointments.

If you have a car, going out in your car is also fine to do if you want to just go for a drive, stop at a drive up window for a medications or coffee/food or banking, pick up groceries that you ordered on line that they can bring out to your car, or if you want to order food from a restaurant and use curbside pickup to get the food.

Next week a few of our beauticians will be coming back to start doing hair again. It will be a great pick me up for most of us to get a haircut or hairdo. Kacey and Kelli will be working in the Main Street Salon starting Tuesday and Holly will be working in the salons in the healthcare center and Village East starting Monday. I am sure everyone is going to want to get their hair done right away which we know they aren’t going to be able to do. So, everyone needs to be patient and understanding with them as they get everyone taken care of. Holly will be following the same basic schedule as she did before, for those residents she takes care of. If you go to the Main Street Salon and want to get your hair done, please call the front desk (336-1490) and give them your name. They will put your name on a list that they will give to the beauticians. Then the beauticians will call you in the order your name appears on the list to make an appointment. Please do not call the beauty salon or go down to the salon to make an appointment as the beauticians will be very busy trying to get everyone taken care of. Anne will be back the middle of July and then she will switch off with Kacey and Kelli so that we no more than 2 beauticians in the Main Street Salon at one time. Unfortunately, Wendy is not going to be coming back as she has been presented with a great opportunity to open a salon in Tea where she lives. I know Anne, Kacey and Kelli will take good care of all of Wendy’s clients for the time being. They want to get everyone’s hair done once before they start making weekly appointments for shampoo/sets so that won’t happen right away. We also are not going to be doing manicures or pedicures for the time being. We will be just focused on haircare in the salon for now. The beauticians and ALL residents WILL BE REQUIED to wear a mask when in the salons.

When a resident returns from the hospital/ER, returns from an extended (overnight) leave or is a new resident moving to Dow Rummel, we require a 14-day quarantine period. Being restricted to your room during this 14-day quarantine period can be reduced if you have some COVID testing done. For independent living residents, please visit with Mike or Darla about the details of the quarantine and for residents in assisted living, memory care and the health care center please visit with the director or social services person in your area for more details.

Stay SAFE! Stay WELL!

Date of Statement : 06-08-20 

Updates regarding procedures related To the Coronavirus 06/08/20

We informed you a couple weeks ago that we would be doing testing for all our residents in our licensed areas and all our staff per a Department of Health directive. That testing was done the last week of May and we have finally received all our test results back. We are pleased to say that with 432 people tested here at Dow Rummel we had NO positive cases.

Based on the results of this mass testing followed by ongoing random testing in each facility in South Dakota, the Dept of Health is developing a plan to help us reopen our communities in phases. We hope to have that information in the next couple weeks so that we can look at limited visitation for family members, more dining options in the dining rooms for residents, and some beauty salon services here at Dow Rummel soon. We want to lift our restrictions in phases so that we can monitor how we are doing along the way to continue to keep our campus virus free.

We want to thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. I know personally how hard it is to not see family for this extended period of time. As staff we are being careful of who we see and where we go so that we are not exposing ourselves to anyone with the virus if at all possible. We all hope that we can make some changes in seeing family and friends soon!

Stay SAFE! Stay WELL!

Date of Statement : 05-22-20 

Updates regarding procedures related To the Coronavirus 05/22/20

As you may have heard, the state of South Dakota is doing COVID-19 testing for all residents and employees in nursing homes and assisted living centers across the state. The costs for these tests will be covered by federal money our state has received. We will be doing this testing next Wednesday and Thursday for all our employees, other medical professionals who come to Dow Rummel regularly, residents in the health care center, Village East, Village South, Dow/Rummel wings, and a few select independent living residents who have a spouse living in one of the licensed areas. This state wide testing will take 4 weeks and then the state will be looking at testing for congregate housing which may include our independent living apartments. They are also looking at doing ongoing random testing for all nursing homes and assisted living centers but have not shared details of what that will include. Lab Corp out of Denver has been contracted to do this work for Dow Rummel. We will let you know the results of our testing once we receive them which will likely be the beginning of June.

Many of us have heard about Sioux Falls opening things up again and it looks like the city council will likely lift all restrictions the end of next week. However, we have been told by the Department of Health that we are NOT to be lifting any restrictions yet. The mass testing we are doing will help them develop a safe plan for us to reopen in the coming weeks. So, we need to continue to be diligent in what we are currently doing to keep Dow Rummel safe until we have some new direction from the Department of Health. Also, the Governor’s and Mayor’s goals are to make sure we have enough hospital beds to handle those who get the virus and need to be hospitalized which they are doing a good job managing. Our goal, however, is to not have the virus in our buildings at all, if possible. So, loosening up restrictions for us will only come after we see if the virus has a resurgence when the city leadership drops their restrictions and based on our mass testing results.

One of the things that all of us will have to do until there is a vaccine for this virus is to think about when we should be wearing a mask. I expect this will be come a normal thing for many of us for some time. So, I would like to encourage all our residents to wear a mask when not in your apartment. Once we are able to loosen up our visitor restrictions and allow some visitors, we will require them to wear a mask here at Dow Rummel like all our staff are doing and ideally all our residents are doing. If you need a mask or another mask so that you have a clean one when you are washing the other one, you can get one from the front desk.

Remember to clean your hands regularly using soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Always cover your cough. Use a tissue or your sleeve when you cough or sneeze. Clean your hands after coughing or sneezing. AND STAY SAFE!

Date of Statement : 05-06-20 

Letter to Family Members: Second confirmed positive case of COVID-19 (staff)

Dear Family Members:
Resident safety is our top priority at Dow Rummel. We continue to take proactive steps to protect our residents and staff. As you know we had a staff person test positive for COVID-19 two weeks ago. This person is doing well and we are working on a plan for them to safely come back to work. I am calling to inform you that we have received confirmation today that a 2nd staff person at Dow Rummel has tested positive. There is no indication that these two cases are related in any way. The person who just tested positive was a work on Saturday but only had contact with one resident and two staff members that day. Based on the guidance from CDC and the Dept. of Health, only those people that had exposure to this person within 48 hours prior signs and symptoms appearing are those we should be working with to watch for potential symptoms or considering being tested. We have already been in touch with each of them and are recommending that they be tested. The staff person who tested positive is quarantined at home until they are able to safely return to work based on CDC return to work guidelines.

We are continuing our due diligence for screening anyone coming into our building and as of yesterday expanded the signs and symptoms we are screening for based on CDC guidance. All staff and others permitted to come into our buildings are required to wear masks.

We continue to do daily health screenings for residents in the licensed areas and are asking them to wear masks when not in their rooms. We also recommend independent living residents wear masks when out and about on the campus.

We encourage family members to call Dow Rummel for updates on the status of their loved one. We understand that connecting with loved ones is incredibly important to you. We encourage you to connect with your loved ones through video chat, calling, texting, emailing or other social media formats. Please, let us know if we can help with this in any way.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone. We will continue to provide you with updates as they become available. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions. Please know that we are strictly adhering to all directions from our health officials and our top priority continues to be keeping our residents and staff safe and healthy.

Darla J Van Rosendale, CEO, Dow Rummel Village

Date of Statement : 05-05-20 

Updates regarding procedures related To the Coronavirus

First, I would like to update you on how we are doing with confirmed cases of COVID-19 here at Dow Rummel. As you know, we had an employee tested and confirmed positive for COVID-19 on April 24. That employee is doing well and expected to come back to work later this week. We have NOT had any additional confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our campus. There have been a number of staff and a few residents tested but those test results have all come back negative. We continue to screen for signs and symptoms for anyone entering the building and the residents in the licensed areas of our campus and will continue to have people tested as appropriate based on signs and symptoms.

With Mother’s Day this weekend, we are all going to have to find different ways to celebrate with our families. If you would like to video chat with your family, please let us know. We would be happy to help with a video chat by Facetime, zoom meeting or another format for you.

We have had a number of people asking about when we will be lifting our restrictions as they start to hear about the restrictions being eased in Sioux Falls and around the state. The Mayor and Governor’s goals are to balance the number of people exposed so they can manage those needing to be hospitalized against being able to keep the economy going. So, I understand their need to ease restrictions a bit for the sake of businesses. However, our goal here at Dow Rummel is different. Our sole goal is to keep our residents and staff safe and not just to minimize the number of hospitalizations but to really minimize the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on our campus. So, we are not looking at easing any of our restrictions at this time. We have seen data that shows we will peak here in Sioux Falls in mid to later May with the rest of the state following to peak in mid to later June. Therefore, I don’t anticipate that we will be easing any restrictions at least for the month of May. We will also need to see if we have a surge in cases as they start to ease restrictions in Sioux Falls and around the state.

We have had a few family or friends come to visit with residents by staying outside and visiting. Occasional visits are ok as long as you are behind a closed window or closed patio door. If a you live on 2nd or 3rd floor and have a patio, you can step out on the patio to visit since there is a considerable distance between you and the visitor. But the visitor needs to stay a safe distance away from the building as there are residents who live on first floor and you need to respect their privacy and physical distancing. It is NOT ok to have visitors come sit outside with you and visit or go for a walk with you around the campus.

We have had a number of people asking about when the beauty salons are going to open up again. We wish we could give you a date but at this time we are not sure when we will be able to open up the beauty salons again. As soon as we can, we will be sure to let you know!

Residents in the licensed areas are starting to wear cloth masks upon a recommendation from the Department of Health. Residents in independent living are encouraged to wear a mask but it is not required at this time. Many of you have masks already. We also have masks for sale in the Main Street shop.

We would like to encourage you to use the amenities on Main Street. You may even want to invite a neighbor or friend here at Dow Rummel to join you to watch a movie in the theater, check out the library, do a craft or project in the Craft Room or Workshop, or enjoy a little golfing by using the golf simulator or the outdoor putting green.

There are a lot of scammers right now taking advantage of this COVID-19 situation to scam people out of money and personal information. If you get any phone calls, emails or regular mail asking for money to support an organization due to challenges with COVID-19, I would encourage you to not respond to that phone call or email but to directly contact the organization yourself. Scammers are posing as non profit organizations to get this money. There are also scams about helping you get medical supplies or medications quicker or helping you get your government stimulus package check. But these are all scammers trying to get your personal identification information like your social security number or bank account information. Please be extra cautious of these types of requests right now. If you are ever in doubt about one of these calls, emails or mail, just ask. We will be glad to look into the situation for you.

Please know that everything we are doing is for you and all the Dow Rummel residents’ safety and health. As challenging as the distancing from our family and friends is, our residents and staff’s safety comes first and foremost!

Now more than ever remember to:
Clean your hands regularly using soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
Always cover your cough. Use a tissue or your sleeve when
you cough or sneeze. Clean your hands after coughing or sneezing.

Date of Statement : 05-01-20 

Dietary Updates related To the Coronavirus

Hello, My name is Arien Robinson, I am the Dietary Director for the Licensed (Nursing Home and Assisted Living) Kitchens. I am sure many have heard in the last few weeks that there have been some changes in our food services at Dow Rummel. A couple changes we have made include:
1) Per guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, we have changed from a communal dining experience to room service for most of our residents in the nursing home (health care center) and assisted living centers (Village South and Village East). We have done this so as to allow for more physical distancing between residents and minimize resident exposure to more people than necessary.
2) With this change, we also revised our menu to help us ensure everyone is getting a nutritional meal three times a day during this time of Covid-19 crisis. In order to ensure this, we are offering our meal special of the day and a choice of an alternative entrée to all our residents. We went from a special of the day and a full restaurant style menu offering 28 entrées plus side choices to only 2 entrees. We made these changes because of the staffing challenges that we were seeing. We have staff out for longer periods of time due to the need to self-quarantine as a precaution or staff choosing to take a leave due to personal reasons. We recognize that this is a big change for everyone. However, we appreciate everyone’s understanding as we do our best to make sure that our residents receive nutritional balanced meals each day.
I am grateful that Dow Rummel’s Food and Nutrition Department has seen a tremendous amount of team work with in our department and in collaboration with other departments. Cooks have come out into the dining rooms to help serve. Other departments like nursing have stepped in to help take meal orders or deliver trays. It really has been a blessing to see so many people working together to ensure our residents get the very best we can offer in a time of crisis. I know these changes are not easy. My team and I had been working on new menus before all this started. We had to choose to postpone them coming out due to Covid-19. We are looking forward to rolling the new menu out once we return to normal operations. I keep reminding everyone that these changes and adjustments are only temporary. We will return to our full menu and dining experience as soon as we are able. If you have any questions, please call me at 575-0185. Thank you for your understanding and your support during this difficult time.
Hello, My name is Mary Westrom and I am the Restaurant Manager for Covells Restaurant and the Deli. I am sure that many have heard in the last few weeks that there have been some changes in our food services in Covells Restaurant and Deli due to the COVID19 epidemic. A couple changes we have made to keep everyone safe include:
1) Per new ordinances from the City of Sioux Falls and being a restaurant licensed with the city, we have limited communal dining in the restaurant to only 10 patrons and 8 on the terrace outside the restaurant. We have done this so as to allow for more physical distancing between residents and minimize resident exposure to more people than necessary.
2) We are offering free delivery of our meals to resident apartments at no extra fee during this period of COVID19. Many residents have taken advantage of this service, thus we have seen a lot more meals going “out the door” than we did previously when more patrons were eating in the restaurant.
3) We are asking patrons of the deli to physically distance themselves 6 feet apart when waiting for food or to be served.

Some things to look forward include:
1) Debuting May 1, 2020, we will have a new Spring/Summer menu with some new menu selections.
2) Debuting May 1, 2020, we will also have a new deli menu with some options available.

As we continue to work through changes, recommendations, and new expectations related to COVID19, we will communicate additional changes when the time comes. If you have any questions, please call me at 575-0274. Thank you for your continued service and support of Covells Restaurant and Deli.

Date of Statement : 04-28-20 

Updates regarding procedures related To the Coronavirus for Independent Living Residents

The mayor’s ordinance and the governor’s executive order related to physical distancing, not meeting in groups of more than 10, and people over 65 or those with immunocompromised health conditions should stay at home are still in place and will remain so for at least the next 2 weeks.  Health officials are saying that we won’t hit our peak in Sioux Falls until at least mid-May.  Therefore, you should not be leaving the campus for any reason other than a medical appointment that your doctor feels is necessary or for health emergencies. 


As the weather is getting nicer, we are getting a number of questions about going outdoors.  We encourage you to go out and get some sunshine and fresh air with a neighbor or friend who lives here at Dow Rummel but not with friends or family who don’t live here.  Based on guidance from our health officials, you should stay on our campus so either enjoying the inner courtyards or walking around the campus on our sidewalks.  The Dept of Health is now also recommending that you wear a cloth face mask if you go walking around on the sidewalks around our campus as you may meet others during your walk.  Our front entrance is open from 8 am to 6:30 pm which is the entrance you should use to come back into the building if you go out for a walk around the campus.  If you come back in after 6:30 pm, you can use the chapel entrance and ring the buzzer for the staff to come let you in as those doors are locked most of the day except during shift changes when staff are coming to work.  We have not reached our peak time with COVID-19 yet so it is VERY important to continue to practice the 6’ physical distance when around others.

We have had a few family members come to see residents who live here and talk through windows or patio doors.  That is ok as long as the patio doors and windows are closed so the glass is a barrier between you and them.  Of course, that only applies to residents who live on first floor.  If you live on 2nd or 3rd floor and a family comes to visit while you are on your patio, we ask that they keep a distance from the building and remember that someone lives below you so respect their privacy.  

If you have a cloth mask and want to wear it when out and about on our campus, feel free to do so but we are not requiring residents to wear a mask at this time.

We will be switching to all prepackaged pastries, fruit, and eggs in the breakfast rooms to provide better infection control measures during this pandemic. 

If you have questions regarding what is involved with being quarantined should you be asked to quarantine in your apartment due to leaving the campus, suspected of being exposed to someone with COVID-19 or showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19, you can get a list from the front desk that explains what being quarantined entails.

Please know that everything we are doing is for you and all the Dow Rummel residents’ safety and health.  As challenging as the distancing from our family and friends is, our residents and staff’s safety comes first and foremost!

Now more than ever remember to:

Clean your hands regularly using soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers.     

Always cover your cough. Use a tissue or your sleeve when you cough or sneeze.  Clean your hands after coughing or sneezing.

Date of Statement : 04-24-20 

Press Release

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began in our nation and our region, we at Dow Rummel Village have taken proactive steps to protect our residents and staff. We want to inform you that we have received confirmation that a staff person at Dow Rummel has been diagnosed with COVID-19. The staff person is quarantined at home at this time and we are working with the South Dakota Department of Health to ensure our response plan deals effectively with this situation. 

We have followed all recommended guidance from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the South Dakota Department of Health to protect our residents and staff from this virus and are taking every action possible to prevent it from spreading within our campus and the broader community. We have had visitor restrictions in place here at Dow Rummel since March 11 per the guidance from our health officials. We have been doing health screenings, including taking temperatures, for anyone entering our building and requiring that they wear a mask. Anyone who does not pass the health  screenings is not allowed to come into our campus. 

The health and safety of our residents, staff and the community we serve during this unprecedented pandemic remains our highest priority. 

Date of Statement : 04-07-20 


We are very grateful for our residents and numerous others that have provided reusable face masks for our staff to wear! Thank you for your gifts of time, talent, and materials! WE COULD STILL USE MORE so please keep these gifts coming for the safety of our staff and residents! THANK YOU!

Date of Statement : 04-01-20 

Updates regarding procedures related to the Coronavirus for Independent Living Residents

Yesterday we received a letter from the City of Sioux Falls about an ordinance approved by the city council last week that is consistent with CDC guidelines and an ordinance recently signed by Governor Noem for the state of South Dakota. The ordinance states that “enclosed retail businesses that promote public gathering” which includes restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bars, breweries, casinos, recreational or athletic facilities, health clubs, and entertainment venues “are limited to not more than ten patrons on the premises for onsite use of the services and/or consumption of the goods at any given time.” You may or may not know that Covell’s and the Deli are both licensed as restaurants with the city of Sioux Falls. So, we need to comply with this ordinance. Therefore, beginning Thursday, April 2nd, we will only allow 10 residents in Covell’s at a time. We will also allow 10 residents in the Deli/Terrace Area for seating for either food they get from the Deli or food from Covell’s. Staff will come take orders at the Deli/Terrace area tables for people who want to order from Covell’s menu and bring to you. If you order from Covell’s menu, you will use your meal plan or pay the normal Covell’s meal price the same as if you were eating in Covell’s. If you want to get food from the Deli you can sit at the tables in the Deli/Terrace Area or get the food to go and take back to your apartment. You can also order from the Deli or Covell’s which we will deliver to your apartment by calling 575-0266.

If you have ANYTHING (groceries, food prescriptions, etc.) delivered to Dow Rummel, they MUST be delivered to our main entrance. We will call you to let you know you have items here or we will deliver them to you if we have adequate staff to do deliveries. 

We have heard that there are a couple residents at two different facilities here in Sioux Falls who have tested positive for COVID-19. Therefore, we feel it is important for us to take additional steps to keep our residents safe here at Dow Rummel. So far, we have been asking staff and others (primarily medically necessary personnel) coming into our facility to do a self-screening each day. Beginning tomorrow morning we will be taking temperatures for everyone who comes into our community, including staff. Also, beginning tomorrow, the doors to the Village South/Chapel entrance will only be unlocked from 5 AM to 8 AM when the majority of our staff come to work. We will have a staff person attending to everyone coming in by taking their temps and doing a health screening. We will have limited access through those doors during the rest of the time. From 8 AM to 6:30 PM we will be doing the same screening for everyone who comes into our community through the main entrance. You will need to use the main entrance if you go out for a walk or medical appointment. You really should not be leaving the campus for any other reason. Nor should you be going for walks with anyone other than  other residents who live here at Dow Rummel. If you go out for a walk and return after 6:30, you will need to come in the Village South/Chapel entrance and use the nurse call button to ring for a Village South staff person to come to the door to let you in. 

In the next couple of days, all staff and others coming into our buildings will be required to wear a mask when on campus. This will begin as soon as we have enough masks for everyone to wear. So, if you see staff wearing masks, it is not because they have symptoms. It is because we want to protect our residents from the potential of the virus within our buildings. If staff or residents have a fever or show any other symptoms, they will be sent home and not allowed to come into our buildings until they have met the requirements to return. 

Now more than ever remember to: 

Clean your hands regularly using soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Always cover your cough. Use a tissue or your sleeve when you cough or sneeze. Clean your hands after coughing or sneezing.

Date of Statement : 03-27-20 

Updates regarding procedures related to the Coronavirus for Independent Living residents

We appreciate all of you who have checked in with us about the proper protocols to follow while we are dealing with the coronavirus. If you have seen the news or read anything in the paper about COVID-19, you have heard how important it is to keep the physical distance at 6′ or more between you and anyone other than those in your household (those living in the same apartment – not those living here at Dow Rummel). WE CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS! We are not trying to create fear amongst everyone but are trying to keep you informed so that you stay safe and healthy! The mortality rate for people over 80 is 15-20% so we are doing whatever we can to help keep our campus a safe place for you to live, if at all possible. 

With the number of COVID-19 cases growing here in Sioux Falls, we now have what they define as “Community Spread” which means people are now contracting the virus from others in the community that they can’t ide3ntify as having come in contact with directly. Therefore, we need to make sure we are taking every precaution we can here at Dow Rummel for the health and safety of our residents. PLEASE remember that these protocols are in place for the safety of ALL our residents here at Dow Rummel – you and your neighbors. If you leave the Dow Rummel campus, you have not only exposed yourself to the potential of getting the virus but your neighbors as well. 

GROCERIES: If someone is delivering groceries to you, please have them drop off the items at our main entrance. We will call you to pick up your items, or we may be able to have them delivered to your apartment. If you live on the first floor, they can leave your groceries on your porch where you can get them after they leave. Remember to use your 6′ minimum physical distancing even with family members. 

PAPERWORK: If someone has papers such as tax returns, etc. for you to sign, please have them mail these papers to you rather than dropping them off. We can assist you in mailing them to whomever needs to receive them after you have signed them. If you need papers notarized, we do have notaries in our front office. 

MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS: If you have medical appointments, please call in advance to see if they still want you to come in, as routine medical appointments and procedures are being postponed. You can use our transportation or drive yourself. If a family member takes you, they should be practicing safe distancing and staying at home – not going out in the community and exposing themselves to others. 

SELF PICKUP: If you want to order groceries or medications online you can utilize grocery and pharmacy drive-through services. If you just need to get out for a bit and want to go for a drive, you should be fine. 

If you go out in the community to a store, restaurant, church, etc., you need to SELF QUARANTINE YOURSELF FOR 14 DAYS IN YOUR APARTMENT. THAT MEANS YOU CANNOT BE OUT AND ABOUT ON OUR CAMPUS.

If you are not feeling well, DO NOT GO TO THE NURSES STATION OR USE YOUR PENDANT FOR THE NURSES TO COME SEE YOU. You should call your doctor. However, you should still be using your pendant to call for any emergencies such as a fall or if you are ill and feel you need to go to the ER> Please refer to the handout from the Town Hall meeting on the 12th regarding support you can receive from Home Health with any signs or symptoms of this virus which include: fever (*typically 100.4 or above), cough, sore throat or new shortness of breath.

Be sure to keep in touch with families by phone, letters, cards, email or Google Duo or Facetime, which we will be glad to help you do if you call Rachel at 575-0260. If you don’t have an email account, your family can send an email to with your name as the subject line and we will see that you get the message. Spend time with a neighbor or two playing cards board games, doing puzzles, going for a walk outside, etc. If you would like one of our Pastors to stop by, feel free to give them a call – Pastor Tim at 575-0194 or Pastor Lori at 575-0149.

We are encouraging our staff to practice the physical distancing whether at work or away from work. We are encouraging them to not be out in the community any more than necessary. We want them and their families to be safe and healthy as well.

Now more than ever remember to:

  • Clean your hands regularly using soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  • Always cover your cough.
  • Use a tissue or your sleeve when you cough or sneeze.
  • Clean your hands after coughing or sneezing.

Date of Statement : 03-11-20 2:42PM

We know many of you are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 (the new coronavirus) and how it may impact us here at Dow Rummel. Ensuring our residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment is our first priority. We do not have any cases here at Dow Rummel but we now know that there are cases in South Dakota including Minnehaha County. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recommended a variety of steps that we are implementing to help reduce the potential for the virus to enter our buildings. Based on their recommendations and in the best interest of our residents, we are only allowing outside visitors for residents at end-of-life here at Dow Rummel. 


We understand that connecting with your loved ones is incredibly important, and there are a variety of other ways you might consider communicating with them. These may include telephone, email, text, video chat or social media. Let us know if we can help with video chat or Skyping with your loved ones.  If you believe a visit to the center is absolutely necessary, we request that you call us at 336-1490 prior to your arrival.


Thank you for your understanding as we continue to ensure our residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment. We will notify you with any changes in our visitor restrictions as we all deal with COVID-19 and its impacts on all of us. Help prevent the spread of infection by exercising proper hand washing hygiene as well as covering coughs and sneezes.


Additional Resources:

Activity On Campus

We are in this together! Here is a glimpse of some things we are doing on campus to help during this time.

Residents were offered their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at Dow Rummel today!


We are working hard to protect our residents and staff as we continue to fight this pandemic – and today, we take a huge step forward as staff are eligible to receive the vaccine. Here is our CEO leading by example! #GetVaccinated

“I give the credit to our staff and residents. It does show hard work is paying off.”

Test results from our community-wide testing on May 27-28 came in and reflect NO POSITIVE COVID-19 CASES for over 430 residents and staff! Great job to our entire community for working together to keep us all safe! Our diligent efforts must continue, but let’s take a moment to celebrate this good news! Click on the link to read our family update. Well done, team!

These long-time friends were able to reconnect even in these challenging and difficult days. Thanks to our life enrichment associates, Rachel and Betty, for arranging this visit and to the rest of the life enrichment staff for facilitating many more to keep loved ones connected. We are all taking this one day at a time until we can hug and and be with our families and friends again! #CareNotCovid

Our community is finishing up two days of COVID-19 testing for staff and residents. Thank you all for partnering in our efforts to keep staff and residents safe!

There are no days off when it comes to training to protect our people! This morning our Allen Wing staff completed N-95 mask fit testing. #stayingsafetogether

Administrator Becca Parish is spearheading the efforts to maintain an adequate PPE supply here at Dow Rummel. Read her latest blog post about ‘The Mask Project’; we are so appreciative of all the support we have received!

The Life Enrichment Dept. Has been offering Hallway activities. Such as Bingo, bean bags, volleyball and other games. In addition to that we do 1:1 room activities like fancy fingers, crafts and sensory. We continue to have small group activities and practice physical distancing. We have been spending a lot of time out in the courtyard when the weather is nice. The Life Enrichment staff have been providing books and reading material for residents who typically go to our Library. We have had an overwhelming response to video calls with families and are trying to be as accommodating as possible.

Our Director of Nursing, Jason Johns, was interviewed about how we are utilizing the new Avera eCARE program. We are fortunate to have this program to better serve our residents!

Thank you to Teri Card from Newport, Oregon for making these masks and donating them to our staff! We appreciate you and everyone who has helped us during this time. THANK YOU!

ATTENTION! Please consider helping us with a special project to thank our staff for all they are doing during this challenging time! We are looking for ‘thank yous’ in the form of either short (think 2 -20 seconds) video clips, or photos holding up signs saying ‘thank you’. These ‘thank yous’ might be from family members, residents, vendors, staff, board members, or really anyone wanting to acknowledge the efforts of our incredible team! Please submit these through a direct message or email Thank you for helping us to celebrate, recognize, and lift up our staff!

We have the BEST employees in the world working at Dow Rummel – coming to work every day caring for our residents despite their own concerns and fears with COVID-19!

For those of you that love a health care worker…be patient with us, we are carrying burdens and worries we can’t discuss with you.

We feel unsure, we are questioning everything we used to know, we are scared for our families, we are scared for ourselves, we feel unprepared to fight this fast-changing elusive killer, we feel guilty for increasing the risk for our loved ones. We are obsessively thinking…did I wash my hands enough, did I not touch my face today, is changing outside and going straight to the shower going to be enough to keep my loved ones safe? Are we going to run out of PPE? Is it safe to change the PPE recommendations because we don’t have enough to go around? Did I have the virus on me when I walked into my elderly patient’s room? Will I be the one that gives her the virus that ends her life?

The gyms are shut down, our social outlets removed, churches closed. We struggle to sleep even though we know we need sleep to stay healthy and sharp. We want to hug our children but are too afraid. We want to see our parents, friends, loved ones, the people we turn to when we need to feel loved and reassured. But that would be foolish and risky.

We are concerned about our work family. We see the stress on their faces. They are trying to make the right decisions when no one really knows what the right decisions are.

The recommendations are changing daily. We are spending hours reading, learning, thinking through scenarios. Trying to be prepared for the unknown. We want to provide the best care to our patients and remain safe.

Our patients can no longer have their loved ones with them. We are now their daughter, son, preacher, sister, brother, friend. We are their reassurer, voice of reason, the soft-hearted, strong backed person they can rely on.
…so for those of you that love a health care worker, be patient with us, we are struggling.

Cookies for our staff today! Trying to find fun ways to remind everyone to wash their hands.

Some weekend visitors and decorations! Keep it coming, folks. These are making our residents AND staff smile so big during this time. We’re all in this together.

With the weekend up next and we’re starting off with a cold Spring, here are some ideas to stay in touch with your loved one!
🖊 Write a handwritten letter or card. Include grandchildren for color! 🧚‍♀‍⚽‍🤩
📧 Write an email to, we will print it off, deliver it and read it to the resident. Include photos to reminisce over the phone! 💻 ☎️
📲 Email in a video to your loved one, we have access to laptops!
💿 Remember when we would make playlists on CDs? If you’re able to, make a fun playlist with your loved one’s favorite tunes. Mail it in and we’ll help them play it on repeat! 📻
Even though the world is encouraging physical distance, it will take a village to prevent social distancing. Please share your ideas in the comments below, we’re all in this together!

Times like this can be stressful for all ages but with technology, we are hoping to still bring smiles to residents’ faces. Life Enrichment Manager, Rachel Corbett, assists a resident with FaceTiming a loved one. If you would like to Skype, FaceTime, or email your loved one that is currently a resident, please reach out to schedule a time with Rachel, here at Dow Rummel.

As a precaution for COVID-19, Dow Rummel is currently enforcing limited visitation for the safety of our residents.  Learn More