The mayor’s ordinance and the governor’s executive order related to physical distancing, not meeting in groups of more than 10, and people over 65 or those with immunocompromised health conditions should stay at home are still in place and will remain so for at least the next 2 weeks. Health officials are saying that we won’t hit our peak in Sioux Falls until at least mid-May. Therefore, you should not be leaving the campus for any reason other than a medical appointment that your doctor feels is necessary or for health emergencies.

As the weather is getting nicer, we are getting a number of questions about going outdoors. We encourage you to go out and get some sunshine and fresh air with a neighbor or friend who lives here at Dow Rummel but not with friends or family who don’t live here. Based on guidance from our health officials, you should stay on our campus so either enjoying the inner courtyards or walking around the campus on our sidewalks. The Dept of Health is now also recommending that you wear a cloth face mask if you go walking around on the sidewalks around our campus as you may meet others during your walk. Our front entrance is open from 8 am to 6:30 pm which is the entrance you should use to come back into the building if you go out for a walk around the campus. If you come back in after 6:30 pm, you can use the chapel entrance and ring the buzzer for the staff to come let you in as those doors are locked most of the day except during shift changes when staff are coming to work. We have not reached our peak time with COVID-19 yet so it is VERY important to continue to practice the 6’ physical distance when around others.

We have had a few family members come to see residents who live here and talk through windows or patio doors. That is ok as long as the patio doors and windows are closed so the glass is a barrier between you and them. Of course, that only applies to residents who live on first floor. If you live on 2nd or 3rd floor and a family comes to visit while you are on your patio, we ask that they keep a distance from the building and remember that someone lives below you so respect their privacy.

If you have a cloth mask and want to wear it when out and about on our campus, feel free to do so but we are not requiring residents to wear a mask at this time.

We will be switching to all prepackaged pastries, fruit, and eggs in the breakfast rooms to provide better infection control measures during this pandemic.

If you have questions regarding what is involved with being quarantined should you be asked to quarantine in your apartment due to leaving the campus, suspected of being exposed to someone with COVID-19 or showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19, you can get a list from the front desk that explains what being quarantined entails.

Please know that everything we are doing is for you and all the Dow Rummel residents’ safety and health. As challenging as the distancing from our family and friends is, our residents and staff’s safety comes first and foremost!

Now more than ever remember to:

Clean your hands regularly using soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Always cover your cough. Use a tissue or your sleeve when you cough or sneeze. Clean your hands after coughing or sneezing.