The beauticians have worked through the list of those who signed up through the front desk to get their hair done. Going forward you can call the Main Street Salon/Barber Shop directly to set up your hair appointments including weekly shampoo sets. The number is 575-0227. We are not offering manicures or pedicures yet since we are only allowing 2 beauticians/barbers in the Main Street Salon at one time. We want to make sure we can meet everyone’s’ hair care needs first. We welcomed Anne back last week. She joined Holly who has been managing getting everyone’s appointments set up and has brought two new beauticians to Dow Rummel. Seresa started a couple weeks ago and Nicole is starting this week. Nicole was the manager of the Man Salon prior to coming here so for any of the men who would like to have the experience of a barber shop, feel free to ask for Nicole when you call for an appointment. THANKS for your patience and understanding with all the challenges we have had with hair care during this pandemic.

We have had several people asking for clarification regarding the Post Exposure Testing Procedures that came out July 9th. This is meant for anyone who goes out and is exposed to other people (excluding medical appointments). This does not apply to those residents who still drive and go out in their car for a drive or take advantage of drive through or curbside pickup.

We are starting our third week of random sentinel testing as part of the Dept of Health guidelines. We select 2 staff and 1 resident from each of our licensed areas (health care center, Village East and Village South) for a total of 9 people tested each week. To date we have not had anyone test positive as part of the weekly testing.

We are also in our third week as the beginning of our reopening plans. The outdoor family visits are going well but as with any new process we have had to work through some issues especially with the online calendar everyone is using to set up their visits. We have also had several comments regarding the ability to hear well during the visits and are trying to come up with some ways to deal with that as well. Next week we will be looking at implementing several other changes as part of our reopening plans and will let you know what those are as we implement them.

Stay SAFE! Stay WELL!