Many of you have been asking about going to doctor or other medical appointments. It is fine for you to go to these appointments. Some of you have held off on these appointments for 2-3 months and we want to be sure you are getting any medical needs or routine visits done again. You can use our transportation or drive yourself. If a family member who doesn’t’ live here at Dow Rummel wants to be at the appointment with you that would be fine, as long as you use our transportation services and they just meet you at the appointment. Please feel free to reach out to Darla if you have any questions regarding your appointments.

If you have a car, going out in your car is also fine to do if you want to just go for a drive, stop at a drive up window for a medications or coffee/food or banking, pick up groceries that you ordered on line that they can bring out to your car, or if you want to order food from a restaurant and use curbside pickup to get the food.

Next week a few of our beauticians will be coming back to start doing hair again. It will be a great pick me up for most of us to get a haircut or hairdo. Kacey and Kelli will be working in the Main Street Salon starting Tuesday and Holly will be working in the salons in the healthcare center and Village East starting Monday. I am sure everyone is going to want to get their hair done right away which we know they aren’t going to be able to do. So, everyone needs to be patient and understanding with them as they get everyone taken care of. Holly will be following the same basic schedule as she did before, for those residents she takes care of. If you go to the Main Street Salon and want to get your hair done, please call the front desk (336-1490) and give them your name. They will put your name on a list that they will give to the beauticians. Then the beauticians will call you in the order your name appears on the list to make an appointment. Please do not call the beauty salon or go down to the salon to make an appointment as the beauticians will be very busy trying to get everyone taken care of. Anne will be back the middle of July and then she will switch off with Kacey and Kelli so that we no more than 2 beauticians in the Main Street Salon at one time. Unfortunately, Wendy is not going to be coming back as she has been presented with a great opportunity to open a salon in Tea where she lives. I know Anne, Kacey and Kelli will take good care of all of Wendy’s clients for the time being. They want to get everyone’s hair done once before they start making weekly appointments for shampoo/sets so that won’t happen right away. We also are not going to be doing manicures or pedicures for the time being. We will be just focused on haircare in the salon for now. The beauticians and ALL residents WILL BE REQUIED to wear a mask when in the salons.

When a resident returns from the hospital/ER, returns from an extended (overnight) leave or is a new resident moving to Dow Rummel, we require a 14-day quarantine period. Being restricted to your room during this 14-day quarantine period can be reduced if you have some COVID testing done. For independent living residents, please visit with Mike or Darla about the details of the quarantine and for residents in assisted living, memory care and the health care center please visit with the director or social services person in your area for more details.

Stay SAFE! Stay WELL!