We appreciate all of you who have checked in with us about the proper protocols to follow while we are dealing with the coronavirus. If you have seen the news or read anything in the paper about COVID-19, you have heard how important it is to keep the physical distance at 6′ or more between you and anyone other than those in your household (those living in the same apartment – not those living here at Dow Rummel). WE CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS! We are not trying to create fear amongst everyone but are trying to keep you informed so that you stay safe and healthy! The mortality rate for people over 80 is 15-20% so we are doing whatever we can to help keep our campus a safe place for you to live, if at all possible.

With the number of COVID-19 cases growing here in Sioux Falls, we now have what they define as “Community Spread” which means people are now contracting the virus from others in the community that they can’t ide3ntify as having come in contact with directly. Therefore, we need to make sure we are taking every precaution we can here at Dow Rummel for the health and safety of our residents. PLEASE remember that these protocols are in place for the safety of ALL our residents here at Dow Rummel – you and your neighbors. If you leave the Dow Rummel campus, you have not only exposed yourself to the potential of getting the virus but your neighbors as well.

GROCERIES: If someone is delivering groceries to you, please have them drop off the items at our main entrance. We will call you to pick up your items, or we may be able to have them delivered to your apartment. If you live on the first floor, they can leave your groceries on your porch where you can get them after they leave. Remember to use your 6′ minimum physical distancing even with family members.

PAPERWORK: If someone has papers such as tax returns, etc. for you to sign, please have them mail these papers to you rather than dropping them off. We can assist you in mailing them to whomever needs to receive them after you have signed them. If you need papers notarized, we do have notaries in our front office.

MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS: If you have medical appointments, please call in advance to see if they still want you to come in, as routine medical appointments and procedures are being postponed. You can use our transportation or drive yourself. If a family member takes you, they should be practicing safe distancing and staying at home – not going out in the community and exposing themselves to others.

SELF PICKUP: If you want to order groceries or medications online you can utilize grocery and pharmacy drive-through services. If you just need to get out for a bit and want to go for a drive, you should be fine.

If you go out in the community to a store, restaurant, church, etc., you need to SELF QUARANTINE YOURSELF FOR 14 DAYS IN YOUR APARTMENT. THAT MEANS YOU CANNOT BE OUT AND ABOUT ON OUR CAMPUS.

If you are not feeling well, DO NOT GO TO THE NURSES STATION OR USE YOUR PENDANT FOR THE NURSES TO COME SEE YOU. You should call your doctor. However, you should still be using your pendant to call for any emergencies such as a fall or if you are ill and feel you need to go to the ER> Please refer to the handout from the Town Hall meeting on the 12th regarding support you can receive from Home Health with any signs or symptoms of this virus which include: fever (*typically 100.4 or above), cough, sore throat or new shortness of breath.

Be sure to keep in touch with families by phone, letters, cards, email or Google Duo or Facetime, which we will be glad to help you do if you call Rachel at 575-0260. If you don’t have an email account, your family can send an email to info@dowrummel.com with your name as the subject line and we will see that you get the message. Spend time with a neighbor or two playing cards board games, doing puzzles, going for a walk outside, etc. If you would like one of our Pastors to stop by, feel free to give them a call – Pastor Tim at 575-0194 or Pastor Lori at 575-0149.

We are encouraging our staff to practice the physical distancing whether at work or away from work. We are encouraging them to not be out in the community any more than necessary. We want them and their families to be safe and healthy as well.

Now more than ever remember to:

  • Clean your hands regularly using soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  • Always cover your cough.
  • Use a tissue or your sleeve when you cough or sneeze.
  • Clean your hands after coughing or sneezing.