I would like to update you on the status of COVID here at Dow Rummel. We had a resident in Village North test positive last week but with no known exposure as that person had been on quarantine for about a week prior to testing positive. Also, we had a resident in Village West test positive yesterday. Again, there is no known exposure with any residents as that person has been in their apartment for the past week and not out and about at all. We also had a staff in the Allen Wing and a staff in Village East test positive this week and a staff with an outside agency test positive last Friday. All those with close contact to these residents and staff are currently in quarantine and being tested and monitored.

We will be doing Thanksgiving dinner for all the resident here at Dow Rummel. Independent living residents can make a reservation by visiting with Mary in Covell’s. I know it is important to be with family during the holidays but with about 4,500 active cases in Minnehaha County right now I want to encourage residents to have Thanksgiving dinner with their friends here at Dow Rummel and visit with their family by phone, video chat or using our indoor visiting booth. If they do decide to go out to be with family for Thanksgiving here are some things you need to take into account: wear a mask whenever you are not eating, keep the 6’ physical distance, no hugging or touching, keep the gathering to a small group, make sure everyone in the group has been staying safe for the last 14 days and has not been exposed to anyone with COVID, use good hand hygiene washing your hands frequently and keep from touching surfaces too much, and don’t “pass the dishes” family style like we usually do. If residents do decide to go spend time with family know that they will be required to quarantine for 14 days when they return. Also, residents/family should notify the front desk or their nurse’s station before they leave so we know who is out and also notify them when residents return so that we can help monitor their health condition when they return.

We are asking ALL residents to wear a mask when they come out of their apartment and keep on at all times when out on campus.

We also encourage family members to keep yourselves safe by wearing a mask whenever you leave your home.