In the tapestry of life, art is the thread that weaves joy, expression, and connection. As advocates for vibrant senior living experiences, we at Dow Rummel recognize the profound impact of art programming on the well-being and quality of life of our residents. At Dow Rummel, we are not just aficionados of the arts; we are strong believers in their power to enrich lives and foster a sense of community. Here’s why we believe art programming is not just an amenity but an essential aspect of our community: 

  1. Nourishing the Soul: Art transcends age, offering a timeless avenue for self-expression and reflection. For seniors, engaging in creative activities like painting, pottery, or music can provide a profound sense of fulfillment and purpose. Whether it’s rediscovering a passion or exploring a new medium, art nourishes the soul and ignites a spark of vitality. 
  1. Stimulating Cognitive Function: Research has shown that participating in artistic endeavors can enhance cognitive function and memory retention in seniors. From stimulating neural pathways to promoting problem-solving skills, art offers a holistic workout for the brain. Art can provide a means of expression and communication for memory care or nursing home residents who may have difficulty verbalizing their thoughts or emotions, allowing them to connect with others and express themselves creatively. By providing regular art programming, we not only keep minds sharp but also encourage a lifelong pursuit of learning and discovery. 
  1. Fostering Social Connections: Art has a remarkable ability to bring people together, transcending barriers and fostering meaningful connections. In our senior living community, art workshops and group projects serve as catalysts for building friendships and cultivating a sense of belonging. Whether collaborating on a mural or attending a gallery outing, residents have ample opportunities to connect, share stories, and inspire one another through art. 
  1. Promoting Emotional Well-being: The creative process is inherently therapeutic, offering a channel for self-expression and emotional release. For seniors facing life transitions or health challenges, art provides a safe space to navigate complex emotions and find solace in creativity. Through art therapy sessions and expressive arts programs, we empower residents to explore their inner worlds, find resilience, and embrace the beauty of self-discovery. 
  1. Celebrating Life’s Journey: Every brushstroke, note, or sculpture tells a story—a testament to the richness of life’s experiences. At Dow Rummel, we celebrate the diverse narratives of our residents through art programming that honors their unique journeys. From showcasing resident artwork in exhibitions like the recent South Dakota Health Care Association Dakota MasterWorks (with six resident participants) to documenting personal narratives through creative projects, we cherish the opportunity to preserve and celebrate the legacy of each individual. 

Residents have opportunities to explore their creative talents with our art studio,  craft classes,  wood and stained glass shop, and staying in touch with the arts community at large by participating in subscriber concert series like LIVE On Stage Sioux Falls,  as well as attending concerts at the Washington Pavilion, The Levitt Ampitheatre and The Old Courthouse Museum Summer Concerts on the Plaza.   

“Living your best life is about staying engaged in the things that make you feel the most passionate about life. Dow Rummel Village “checks all the boxes” for keeping the residents of the community in tune with the community within its walls, and the greater community of Sioux Falls,” says Sonja Niles, Events and Move-in Coordinator. 

As advocates for holistic senior living experiences, we are committed to championing the transformative power of art in enriching the lives of our residents. By providing a diverse array of art programming like mentioned above, we create an environment where creativity flourishes, connections thrive, and every moment is infused with beauty and meaning.  

Join us in embracing the vibrant tapestry of art at Dow Rummel, where every stroke of imagination adds color to the canvas of life. Learn more at