Especially during this Christmas season, families and friends reach out to our residents with gifts and goodies. We do allow deliveries of packages for residents in all areas of our campus, and offer the following guidelines:

  • All deliveries should be made at the Dow Rummel Main Entrance (1321 W. Dow Rummel St.). We ask that deliveries be made between 8am and 5pm.
  • Place items on the table in the vestibule area, marked with the resident name. Once the deliverer has exited the entryway, our office staff will sanitize the items before bringing them into the building. Staff must retrieve the items; we ask that the resident not go out to the entryway to do so themselves. We are not able to allow residents and friends or family to have direct contact to swap items in this process. Staff will not go into the entryway until the deliverer has left. This allows our staff to maintain proper distancing and remain safe from unnecessary community contact.
  • We ask that deliveries be made by one family member at one time. We understand that families wish to see their resident family member, but our entryway is not large enough to accommodate groups.
  • If you are bringing a large delivery, please contact our front desk at 336-1490 to alert us in advance. We will notify the appropriate staff to assist in getting the large deliveries taken to the residents or resident areas as efficiently as possible.
  • If a family member needs to ask a question or relay a message to a resident while making a delivery, we ask that this be done over the telephone. Our staff will not be able to facilitate conversations between the resident inside the facility and the family member in the entryway, take photos, or exchange items directly.
  • A resident may send an item back with a family member by bringing the item to our front office staff prior to the family member’s arrival. Our staff must place the outgoing item in the entryway before your family member arrives.


Visits are only allowed via our indoor visit booth, located in our front office area. Visit times must be pre-arranged and are limited to 30 minutes; scheduled visits are subject to change, should any resident or resident area be placed under quarantine at any time. More information is available by calling our front office at 336-1490.

Thanks to all of you who are working through this with us as we experience together an unprecedented event in our lifetime. With your help, we will get through it together and have plenty of stories to share when we can all gather again!