A custom living environment

Created to Lead a Life of Purpose

Village East is our newest addition to Dow Rummel and is centered around the needs of our dementia population. Through intentional planning and design, Village East incorporates some key concepts to promote the highest possible quality of life for our residents.

Enhanced Assisted Living and Memory Care open living room and kitchen area with circadian lighting
Circadian Lighting

Circadian lighting adjusts lighting throughout the day to mimic the natural progession of day (cooler, bright light) into night (warmer, dim light), improving emotional wellbeing, mood and sleep.

Hallway in Enhanced Assisted Living and Memory Care with a Personalize Entrance Hutch
Personalized Room Entry

Hutches outside of resident rooms allow for personalization and wayfinding while also stimulating positive and comforting memories.

Enhanced Assisted Living and Memory Care Open Kitchen Concept with female resident enjoying a snack at the island
Open Kitchen Concept

Kitchens are the heart of nearly every home. Open kitchens that allow residents to observe and be engaged in the meal prep process can actually be a form of therapy in memory recollection. The simple smell of cookies baking can create a homelike atmosphere that can positively impact both residents and staff.

Enhanced Assisted Living and Memory Care Secure Outdoor Coutryard with figure 8 pattern and heated concrete in the spring with trees and flowers blooming
Secure Outdoor Courtyard

Our secure outdoor courtyard is in the center of our Memory Care and Enhanced Assisted Living. This space is vital because it can reduce agitation and frustration, relieve stress and improve physical fitness. The walking path is in a continuous figure eight pattern, leading back to building entrances. Through the use of heated concrete, residents can enjoy the walking path most months of the year.

Enhanced Assisted Living and Memory Care with blue lighting, chairs and sensory wall
Sensory Stimulation

Sensory stimulation is used strategically to arouse one or more of the five senses to evoke positive feelings. This can help residents feel relaxed while improving their mood, self-esteem and well-being. Our sensory stimulation room includes a bubble wall, light therapy, touch therapy, music therapy, and aromatherapy.

Memory Care Five & Dime Store for Residents to simulate a shopping experience
Active and Quiet Spaces

Many Alzheimer’s and dementia patients find comfort in performing the daily activities they performed when younger. Many of the areas around our Memory Care give the residents purpose and comfort, including: a boutique, library, office area, diner, laundromat, Five & Dime Store, wellness area and hobby room.