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At Dow Rummel Village, we have a passion for connecting residents with their families and friends. LifeLoop has a positive impact on our residents’ lives by fostering a sense of community and connection. With easy access from cell phones or tablets, LifeLoop is an easy-to-use lifestyle management and resident engagement application that connects Dow Rummel families, residents and staff on a daily basis.

All-in-One Platform Key Features

  • Community calendars and the ability to RSVP for events and activities
  • Streamlines photo and video sharing
  • Engagement tools to inform community staff of a resident’s interests and general wellness
  • Maintenance and Transportation request portals to keep life moving smoothly
  • And so much more in an simple-to-use, easy-to-read, format


Enhancing the Experience for You and Your Family

  • Gives residents an engaging way to keep family members in the know about daily life at Dow Rummel Village
  • Offers families added peace of mind through weekly updates on activity engagement and convenient messaging
  • Helps staff members easily connect with family for a stronger, more reliable flow of communication

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Connecting Management and Staff

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If you have any further questions regarding LifeLoop and its benefits, please do not hesitate to ask!