Our History

There are some who dare to dream and make a difference. Among them were Jacob Rummel and Emilie Dow, both who individually dared to envision the creation of a new type of community within the city of Sioux Falls a community that would serve the needs of those of advancing years. Dow Rummel, a non-profit organization, was Sioux Falls first retirement home and is now the premier Life Plan community in the region.

In 1958…

…After the death of Jacob Rummel, the Rummel Memorial Home was incorporated by five trustees named by Jacob Rummel. On January 3, 1960 the trustees selected Wayne Sutherland to design and supervise the construction and operation of the retirement home. The building was opened in 1963 and a year later the United Church of Christ partnered with Rummel Memorial Home. In 1966, the Baron and Emilie Dow Home was incorporated as a bequest from Emilie Dow and an additional wing was added. It was agreed upon, both the Dow and Rummel boards would have permanent representation on the Board of Trustees and thus becoming Dow Rummel Village. 

Old Photos of Jacob Rummel and Emilie Dow and the Original Rummel Memorial Home

A history

Of Firsts in Sioux Falls


We built the first independent living apartments on a Sioux Falls retirement campus.


The first Main Street concept was completed on a Sioux Falls retirement campus including a Wellness Center and pools.


We offered the first flex style apartments on a retirement campus for independent and assisted living within the same unit.