We are in the midst of a historical pandemic-driven workforce shortage. We need to recruit great employees and retain the great employees we already have by offering competitive wages and benefits. In the last three years, we have increased wages for some positions beyond our normal annual wage increase while staying within our annual budgeted means. Unfortunately, we have seen little positive impact from these increases. Dow Rummel is now taking significant steps to support its vision to be the employer of choice among long-term care providers in Sioux Falls. In addition to providing a great work environment, offering competitive wages and benefits is part of Dow Rummel’s strategic vision. Dow Rummel will support its workforce in the form of employee wage increases at an estimated cost of $1.6 million over the next four years. This December, all Dow Rummel employees will receive at least a $1 per hour wage increase with many positions receiving a higher increase based on the competitive market situation and current labor shortage. Also beginning this December, the minimum wage offered at Dow Rummel will be $15 per hour for all employees.

We are also taking the following steps to make our Dow Rummel community a greater place to work:

  • Increasing referral bonuses to up to $400 for those recruiting new employees,
  • Continuing the increased Christmas bonus formula in recognition of the good work done this last year, and
  • Improving the paid time off formula for recently hired and new employees.

Customer service at Dow Rummel is centered around the people – our staff, our residents, and their families. Hiring and retaining compassionate, talented staff who provide great quality of care for the residents is at the heart of that customer service. Our residents, our staff, and their families become family at Dow Rummel so making this investment in our staff is also making an investment in our residents and their families. This family environment makes working at Dow Rummel a rewarding career for our staff and for those seeking to find purpose and fulfillment in their work.

-Board of Trustees and Management of Dow Rummel Village

“Through Christian Spirit and Service, Dow Rummel seeks to design and embrace a safe and caring social community for active seniors pursuing their fullest potential.”