Everyone has a talent that can benefit others in some way. Some people are good at making music or art, while others are great with numbers helping us do our taxes. Still others are just good listeners and help us learn more about ourselves.

One of our very own Dow Rummel residents has a talent for knitting with a round loom. She uses that creative talent to make hats! Diane Yeo has been a resident here for more than twenty years. And until 2019, she also worked in the dietary areas. Diane says that one of her favorite things about Dow Rummel is making new friends.

After retiring last year, she found herself with time on her hands. Diane has many interests: she’s a huge Star Trek fan, plays bingo every week, and loves coloring very detailed adult coloring pages! But, she also wanted to do something that would benefit others. Diane noticed people with cancer many times lose their hair. And since she lives in a cold climate, she knows just how chilly that can be!

So, Diane learned how to use a round loom to knit hats to give to cancer patients. She uses all the colors of the rainbow to create wonderful hats to brighten anyone’s day — making close to 1000 hats! Diane says it helps her pass the time, especially since she’s not been able to visit her family outside of phone and video calls since the start of COVID.

Diane grew up in Sioux Falls, but originally came from Canby, MN in a family with six siblings. She’s no stranger to hard work, since most of her early memories are from working on the family farm. She has been working since she was 15 years old; from doing laundry, to working in a car wash. From Perkins to the Holiday Inn, Diane has worked hard her whole life! So, it’s truly no surprise she finds joy in working with her hands to make sure someone else feels warm and loved!

It’s a great lesson for all of us: You’re never too old to learn something new, and giving is truly better than receiving! We are all the better for having residents like Diane in our facility!