We’ve all given up some things these last couple months since COVID-19 — seeing family whenever we want, having lunch with friends, going to a movie theater or a concert, or worshiping together in church. Hopefully, we will be able to do those things again soon. In the meantime, I hope you have found others things to take the place of those we have had to give up. Perhaps it’s more time to read or picking up a new hobby. Maybe you are learning how to use technology in new ways to keep in touch with family and friends, doing online learning instead of classroom education, or joining our fellow church congregations online.

One of the biggest concessions the residents at Dow Rummel have had to give up is seeing families in person (other than through a window or patio door or at a distance from their deck). Our staff recognize this and have worked hard to help residents stay connected with family through phone calls and video chats; we also try to be there for residents more and aim to serve as a surrogate family for them. The residents are also a surrogate family for many staff. Staff are making concessions to come to work healthy every day and one of those concessions is often not being able to see their family other than those they live with.

One of the main reasons residents move to Dow Rummel is because we offer all levels of care to meet the needs of the residents if their health changes. But another great aspect of Dow Rummel is the amenities we offer. Right now during this pandemic those amenities are even more important. Not too many people can say that for the past couple months they have had access to a theater, restaurant and deli, wellness center and pool, hobby areas, and the ability to still see some of their friends every day. We hope we can soon return to a new ‘normal’, but are thankful we have a safe and active community residents can call home.

Stay safe!