by Gina Reiser, Marketing Admission Associate

With the holidays approaching, you likely have many things on your to-do list, such as meal planning and shopping. But one important item that may not come to mind is discussing senior living plans with your aging parents or loved ones – and you may want to consider having the conversation during the holiday season when many family members are together.

Starting the conversation may be the toughest part. Here are some tips:

  1. Ask your parents or loved ones if they have a plan. Have they considered what they would like in a senior living community? What is important to them?
  2. Find out what they like most about their current living situation. What would they change about it if they could?
  3. What would their ideal living arrangement include?
  4. Do they notice any changes in their day-to-day activity? Is anything becoming more challenging or burdensome?

Even if your parents aren’t ready to make a move, it’s never too early to have the conversation. Many senior living communities have waiting lists for all levels of care, so it’s beneficial to understand what your parents want in this next phase of their lives, do research, and have a plan.

If you or your loved one would like more information about what options exist at Dow Rummel, schedule a tour or call 336-1490.

Portrait of Sales Associate Gina Reiser