The Certified Medication Aide (CMA) is a certified nurse assistant who has successfully completed a training program approved by the State of South Dakota for medication administration, has an acceptable score on the written and clinical examinations and has received certification as Medication Aide.


This associate must have successfully completed course work and examinations to obtain certification as both Certified Nurse Assistant and Certified Medication Aide.  The CMA must possess knowledge of safe medication administration technique and demonstrate this knowledge with a medication error rate of 5% or below. The CMA must familiarize him/herself with Dow Rummel Village policies and procedures and demonstrate this knowledge during the performance of their duties. The CMA must recognize complications, adverse actions or side effects of medications and obtain input from the Staff Nurse as indicated to ensure the optimum health and safety of the resident. The CMA must understand and practice resident confidentiality. Must have ability to interact well with residents and families, physicians, and staff; work as part of a team. Must have good basic interpersonal skills –oral and written communication skills, positive, patient attitude and willingness to work as a member of a team to accomplish assigned tasks.  Must demonstrate ability to be energetic, enthusiastic and creative in working with residents.  Must have ability to understand and follow task orientation and instructions, rules and procedures as outlined in orientation and training.   Must be able to push and pull 60 pounds, must be able to lift 50 pounds and must be able to carry 15 pounds with two hands.


  • Model the values, mission, and vision of the organization;
  • Be alert and active in supporting facility’s commitment to safe practices, infection control, and respect for residents’ rights;
  • Understands and agrees with Dow Rummel Village’s philosophy and goal to maintain, improve and/or enhance each resident’s quality of care and quality of life.
  • Administers and accurately records the administration of medications for residents as prescribed by the physician in accordance with established policies and procedures of Dow Rummel Village and applicable state/federal regulations.
  • Observes, records and reports to the Charge Nurse symptoms and conditions of residents that could be related to medication interactions, adverse drug reactions or medication side effects.
  • Determines and records effectiveness of medications in a timely and accurate manner as required by state and federal regulations.
  • Provides and promotes resident’s rights during the administration of medications.
  • Stores medications in a safe and accurate manner in accordance with established policies and procedures of Dow Rummel Village and applicable state/federal regulations.
  • Follow all the principles and practices of the Buddies Forever Program.
  • Routinely inspects, cleans and monitors equipment and supplies to ensure resident safety. Reports any equipment or supply issues to the Charge Nurse for correction or repair.
  • Obtains records and reports vital signs as indicated during the administration of medications.
  • Demonstrates awareness of proper infection control practice by using Universal Precautions and following policies and procedures of Dow Rummel Village, including OSHA’s Blood-borne Pathogen Standard and Dow Rummel Village’s Exposure Control Plan.
  • Communicates to residents, staff and others in accurate and factual manner and seeks clarification from or refers questions to Charge Nurse when indicated.
  • Perform other duties as assigned or as listed in the Certified Nurse Assistant and Medication Associate Job Descriptions.