Portrait of Chief Executive Officer Darla Van Rosendale by Darla Van Rosendale, CEO

An organization’s mission, vision, and values relate to the organization’s purpose and typically answer questions about who we are, what we value, and where we’re going.  Organizations with clearly communicated, widely understood, and collectively shared mission, vision and values have been shown to perform better and provide better service them those without them, especially if the organization’s strategies, goals, and objectives align with them.

Dow Rummel Village has just completed a three-year strategic plan that included revising our mission, vision, and values.   

A mission statement should say who we are/why we are in business.  Dow Rummel’s mission statement is “Guided by spiritual values, we enrich lives by providing extraordinary senior care”.

A vision statement should say where we are going/what does success look like at Dow Rummel.  Our vision statement is “Joy, dignity, and peace of mind for seniors and their loves ones.”

Values speak to the principles that are most important to us.  Our values were developed by our staff depicting the standards that we work by.  Our values are:

  • Dignity. We treat each person with compassion, kindness, and respect at a level that differentiates us from other senior communities and employers by the lives we touch and enhance.
  • Excellence.  We strive to achieve high standards for service excellence, quality care, well-being, and safety through continuous improvement efforts, personal and professional development, and business growth. 
  • Teamwork.  We collaborate well together, united by a shared mission. We honor and respect our individuality and the sense of connection to each other.  Each person’s unique contributions are celebrated, respected, and valued.
  • Belonging.  Guided by spiritual principles, we foster a community in which individuals have a sense of belonging to each other. We honor the strength and beauty of diversity and the value of each person.
  • Growth.  We look ahead with a vision for future opportunities. We embrace a culture of creativity, flexibility, and curiosity that inspires new ideas and ways of thinking, behaving, and improving.  We leverage our independence and relationships to advance the strategies that align with our mission.

Over the next three years, we will carry out our new strategic plan guided by our mission, vision, and values.