I think we can all agree that the past few weeks have been interesting, to say the least. COVID-19 has impacted all of us and has deeply affected our daily lives. We are living through history and this experience will be studied for years to come. Our community has taken significant steps to help keep our residents and staff safe (some of which include restricting visitors and eliminating large group activities). It is easy to get sucked into the negativity. While it is important to stay abreast of the many changes, let’s be intentional about using this time to grow. Let’s spread infectious positivity!

Walking around Dow Rummel with this on my mind, I took note of things I might have missed in a typical hurried day. I noticed ever-present smiles from each and every staff member I passed. Dow Rummel staff care deeply for our residents and are putting in extra efforts to protect and comfort them. Residents decor outside the apartments hint at the hopefulness of Spring, reminding us that seasons do change (and yes, this too shall pass). I even came across a resident passing out ‘wash your hands’ rocks she had painted with the year written on the back! We are truly a community that takes care of each other.

Thanks to all the staff that are going the extra mile. Thanks to our residents and family members for their cooperation and patience as we navigate this new territory. We’re all in this together – keep spreading positivity!