We are still seeing cases go down in Minnehaha County as well as at Dow Rummel.  We currently do not have any active cases on our campus.  We will continue to monitor residents for signs or symptoms and do health screenings with staff and visitors as well as routine testing for some staff based on our county’s positive rate which is current at 11.7% with 882 active cases in our county.   

While CDC is loosening mask requirements for the general population, they have not loosened mask restrictions for senior communities like us.  So, we are still requiring all visitors to wear masks when here at Dow Rummel except when you are in the resident’s room. However, if you are not fully vaccinated, we do ask that you continue to wear your mask even when in the resident’s room.  We are also asking visitors to delay your visit if you are sick or have had recent exposure to someone with COVID.  Residents should wear masks if attending group gatherings, have any symptoms, or have had recent exposure to someone with COVID. 

Throughout the spring we will look at loosening restrictions as we are able and will keep you posted on any changes we implement.  We will also continue to keep you updated on any changes with our COVID status. 

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