• A safe and effective vaccine is a vital step toward ending the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The more people who get the vaccine, the closer we can get to “back to normal” and see reduced hospitalizations and deaths due to the virus. While masking and social distancing are important, a large number of people getting vaccinated is the only way this virus will get under control.
  • The more people who get the vaccine, the more lives will be saved.
  • Vaccines that have been approved for emergency use have undergone rigorous testing by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) to ensure safety and efficacy.
  • The FDA is respected worldwide and its decisions are made by expert scientists and physicians. Safety is their top priority.
  • Avera and state health experts have monitored the vaccine’s progress and the data from the clinical studies and are confident in its safety and effectiveness.
  • Data on the vaccines is very promising. Vaccines are showing effectiveness levels as high as 95%. Side effects are only mild and temporary, like headache, fatigue, mild fever and possible pain at the injection site.
  • Only a small percentage of people who get the vaccine will have these symptoms. Symptoms like theses are a result of the body’s immune response and show that your body is working to build immunity.
  • There have not been reports of serious side effects, although there is always a slight risk with any vaccine and there will be isolated reports of reactions as large numbers of people get vaccinated. Hearing these isolated reports is not a reason to avoid the vaccine.
  • The vaccine will only be administered to groups of people for whom the vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective. The vaccine has not been trialed in children yet so children will not be vaccinated yet.
  • There is no reason to fear that this vaccine was rushed. The vaccines went through large trials, resulting in trusted data about their safety and efficacy. The part of the process that was ramped up was allowing companies to begin manufacturing vaccine ahead of approval. Usually, manufacturing waits until full approval is received.
  • Wearing masks, practicing social distancing, maintaining good hand hygiene and other prevention measures are still very important.

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