These BOOTS are made for walkin’

And that’s just what they’ll do,

These BOOTS are made for walkin’

‘Cuz they beat the other two.

Nancy Sinatra’s song…kindda. 😊

by Julie Ammann, Director of Social Services

This year’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease inspired some fun in fund-raising through votes in deciding whether I would come out kickin’ in my cowboy boots, clowin’ around in oversized clown shoes, or channeling my inner diva in spikey heels. You can see that the cowboy boots won. I have great appreciation of Dow Rummel Village as $240.09 was raised for the Alzheimer’s Association. THANK YOU!

You may wonder why such a selection of shoes would be considered to go walking. That same question was found in the “looks” I received at the walk from which I told of my inspiration as I had heard a quote some time ago that really struck my heart. Namely, to remember always that those who have dementia aren’t giving us a hard time….that those with dementia are having a hard time. Tennis shoes would have certainly been a more comfortable choice. That being said, I wanted to symbolically experience that the journey of those with dementia and their families isn’t easy. Though my achy back/hip and blistered toe have healed, I wanted to “walk in their shoes”….even if for a little while.

Walk a mile in my shoes.

See what I see,

Hear what I hear,

Feel what I feel,

Then maybe you’ll understand,

Why I do what I do.

Until then, don’t judge me.