Our wellness mission is to educate and support our residents and staff, empowering them to maintain and improve their overall health through healthy lifestyle choices  and creating a culture of vitality and wellness for continued growth throughout our community.

Cardiostrength & Classroom

Dow Rummel has a variety of classes developed by trained therapists. We also have equipment designed specifically for our members to lead your most active lifestyle:
• Precore Treadmills
• NuSteps
• Elliptical Machines
• Bikes
• Weight Machines
• Free Weights
• Therabands
• Medicine Balls
• Stability Balls
• Family Locker Rooms
• Individualized Training


Take a dip, go for a swim, and relax in the therapy pool all at Dow Rummel. We offer a lap pool (87˚, 60ft long) for swimming, walking, and water classes. Along with our lap pool, is our therapy pool (95˚) to help you with relaxation and stretching.

It's All About Staying Active

NeuroFit™ is a proactive approach to slowing the progression of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and other neurological movement disorders. The goal is to help anticipate, delay, and prevent symptoms. In this specialized program, members receive individual attention in private small group settings.

As a precaution for COVID-19, Dow Rummel is currently enforcing limited visitation for the safety of our residents.  Learn More