We’d like to introduce you to our new Director of Wellness, Jona Leo! Jona joined our team in March 2020 (just before COVID-19 visitation restrictions were implemented) and has 21 years of experience in wellness with nine of those within senior living. Jona is a graduate of Northwestern College in Orange City, holds a N.S.C.A. certification, and has been a member of the International Council on Active Aging for nearly a decade. In his free time, you’ll see Jona spending time with his family and competing/hosting U.S.A. Powerlifting events. Welcome, Jona!

By Jona Leo, Director of Wellness

I would never have believed my first article at Dow Rummel Village was going to be amid a COVID-19 pandemic, but here I go. We’ve seen the reports talking about the virus, but I’d like to address inactivity and isolation during this time. Yes, unfortunately, these go hand in hand with a self-quarantine order. Soon enough, the restrictions will lessen, and life will resume, but until then, we need to find ways to remain active and MINIMIZE decline. At the time of this article, residents have access to the fitness center, aquatic center, & plenty of room to walk. If the restrictions happen to get tighter, I’ve got at-home workout packets and an exercise band that will provide a bridge for a couple of weeks. Even if you haven’t been participating, I’d suggest grabbing a workout packet from outside the Wellness office and getting moving!!

As many people know, a complete wellness lifestyle helps provide optimal health. According to the International Council on Active Aging, “78% of mature adults know the benefits of exercising, however only 40% participate nationwide”. Why is this? Common stereotypical attitudes about aging emerge as a result of widely held, limiting, and false beliefs about aging. These limiting beliefs include:
• Many people believe that aging affects everyone in the same way. The reality is that people age differently and at different rates.
• Some feel aging cannot be altered; declines cannot be reversed. The reality is we can slow down, prevent, postpone, or even reverse biomarkers of aging.
• People are lead to believe our potential peaks early then declines. Middle and later adulthood is prime time for developing potential.
• The limits imposed by aging leads to diminished possibilities. Awareness of “outer” losses and decline is often accompanied by a recognition of “inner” gains and growth.

By knowing the reality of the aging adult, Dow Rummel Village has adopted a philosophy to bring wellness to the patrons where they live. With the reduction of household responsibilities and having your wellness needs under one roof, it has eliminated two of the biggest reasons people don’t workout; lack of time and inconvenience of going to another facility. Meanwhile, we are providing a service that is critical to your quality of life during the golden years.

Look for some exciting program updates in the coming months with increased class options, individualized programming based on current needs, and improved space within the Wellness Center!