by Brittany Kimball

Senior living can be an overwhelming subject to think about. Does it have to be though? No, it doesn’t. Most people do not realize all the benefits a senior living community can provide to enhance one’s life. And, most say that they should have made this move sooner. 

The first step to an easier, less stressful move is to get on a priority waiting list. Taking the time to plan for the type of apartment you want with a timeline to make a move can make all the difference for you and your family. Most communities have waiting lists for apartments and the average time on the waiting list can vary from months to even years for independent living. The waiting period is the perfect time to start downsizing and preparing for your next home. You can also take advantage of building connections with current residents by using our village’s amenities.  

What if you are not 100% ready to transition when an apartment offer is made to you? No problem, you are welcome to decline as many apartment offers as you’d like without moving to the bottom of our waiting list. Do keep in mind, the potential amount of time that another apartment may become available to you.  

So…why wait? Contact us today about our waiting list process and finding your desired apartment home at Dow Rummel.